Training Facilities

Training Facilities

man with lab equipment. photo

Michael John from UDSM working on temperature controller system. Photo: Ole J. Nydal/NTNU


The following improvements are expected from UNET:

Partner institution University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM)

Extended small-scale hydro power laboratory for testing of pumps as turbines, and for interfacing with thermal and refrigeration systems. Equipment to convert synchronous and a-synchronous motors to generators and a test bench for these, electronic load controllers (ELC), torque measurements with data loggers, frequency converters. More information on UDSM and relevant facilities

Partner institution Makerere University (MAK)

Extended and improved solar thermal laboratory for testing of hybrid systems with gasification units and heat storage units at enough temperatures for food preparation. Specialized equipment for measurements of solar radiation and meteorological parameters, high temperature tolerant process equipment (flow meters, pumps, pipes and valves), autonomous system for remote data logging. More information on MAK and relevant facilities 

Partner institution Addis Ababa University (AAU)

Improved research facilities for training in the PhD program on Thermal and Energy Systems Engineering. Computer cluster for demanding numerical analysis, specialized qualification equipment for comparisons with wind blades, software licenses. More information on AAU and relevant facilities

Partner institution Mekelle University (MU)

Improved research facilities for solar thermal and wind energy. Equipment for the for mid-scale test facility (about 10kW) wind energy systems (strain sensors, torque instruments, power controllers). Workstation and software license for analysis through dynamic simulations. More information on MU and relevant facilities

Partner institution University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM)

Improved Photovoltaic (PV) laboratory in the direction of power systems. PV grid on the roof above the PV laboratory. inverters and controllers for PV power research along with the appropriate instrumentation and data loggers. Load switch controllers and DC-DC converters for stand-alone PV thermal systems. Infrared cameras for PV fault recognition. More information on UEM and relevant facilities