University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM)

UNET project at

University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM)

We work with establishing PhD programmes and Training facilities at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

PhD programmes relevant for UNET

UDSM currently prioritize the development of post-graduate training, and specifically the transition from research based to taught PhD programmes. Within energy technologies UDSM offers two purely research-based PhD programmes, a PhD programme in Energy Engineering and a PhD Programme in Renewable Energy. UNET will address this need by supporting the establishment of new taught-based PhD programmes within EnergyTtechnology. 

Training Facilities at UDSM on Hydropower Energy Technology

UDSM hosts the Small Hydropower Centre, which was established in collaboration with UNIDO. UDSM was designated the training location for the Hydropower Specialisation, in the joint MSc. in Renewable Energy in East Africa since the year 2008. It also has moderate laboratory facilities and equipment in the aspect of hydropower development. The hydropower electricity generation plants in Tanzania also provide ample opportunities for field work and research links for students. 
The training facilities will be upgraded and strengthened to carter for the Training Node on hydropower in the UNET consortium. 


udsm energy stakeholders workshop attended by ntnu partners
UDSM - Energy Stakeholders Workshop attended by NTNU Partners on 3rd March 2022. Photo: Joseph Kihedu /UDSM
UDSM - Energy Stakeholders Workshop with NTNU Partners on 3rd March 2022. Photo: Joseph Kihedu /UDSM
UDSM - Public Signing of Agreement on Energy Technology with TotalEnergies on 26th July 2022. Photo: Joseph Kihedu /UDSM
UDSM - Research Week Exhibition by Energy Technology Team on 29th April 2021. Photo: Joseph Kihedu /UDSM