Mekelle University (MU)

UNET project at

Mekelle University (MU)

We work with establishing PhD programmes and Training Facilities at the Mekelle University in Ethiopia.

PhD programs relevant for UNET

PhD programmes at MU are taught-based, but the availability of courses is limited due to the shortage of staff to provide specialisation courses and supervision capacity at PhD level. PhD supervision is often supported from foreign universities where the funding programmes permit such an arrangement. Students are facing major challenges to carry out training and  research activities due to lack of scientific instruments, computing laboratories, and lack of experiences in publication in reputable journals. 

Training Facilities at Mekelle University on Wind Energy Technology 

Mekelle University has been building capacity in wind energy measurement and small-scale wind turbine testing. Currently wind energy measurement instrumentation, data acquisition, data analysis and mapping capabilities exist which can be share with other partner Universities.

There is also set up for wind turbine tests (1kW, to be expanded to 10kW) which can be used for Ph.D. students involved in development of wind turbines or in hybrid solar thermal -wind energy technologies. The hybrid set up will combine generation of electricity and heat for cooking applications.