Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM)

UNET project at

Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM)

We work with establishing PhD programmes at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique.

PhD programmes relevant for UNET

EMU is running a MSc and a PhD programme on Renewable Energy Science and Technology. The PhD programme is oriented to the development of innovative technological solutions for different specific end-uses in the country for solar, wind, hydro, biomass, ocean and geothermal technologies and combination of these technologies. The PhD programme is only research based. A hybrid programme, involving taught courses and research work, will require course development and in improving the training facilities. UNET offers a good opportunity to achieve this in an efficient manner, as it enables collaboration with partner universities.

Training Facilities at Eduardo Mondlane University on Solar PV systems.

PV technology is a very important part of renewable energy technology and PhD graduates should have access to training and research equipment in this area. EMU has been developing laboratory capacity for PV related test equipment, including methods for verification tests of commercial equipment. This facility can be extended to include power systems in the range 1-10 kW, which can be feasible for both households and institutions. This opens also for integration with heating and cooling systems. A range of components and instrumentation is then needed, including a prototype power system for test purposes