Mimi E. Lam

Mimi E. Lam

I am a transdisciplinary scholar working at the science-society-policy nexus who is passionate about making the world a better place! As a researcher at the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and Huminities, University of Bergen, I work across disciplines and cultures, often in collaborative teams, to solve problems. My training in the physical, biological, and now human sciences and ethics makes me equally at home with academics of diverse disciplines as with lay people, the ones often with the greatest practical wisdom.

I am interested in how our values, beliefs, identities, perceptions, and behaviours shape our relationships with each other and with nature. I study these relationships to resolve ‘wicked’ policy problems today, to gain evolutionary insights into our past, and to inform ethical decision-making for a more sustainable and just future.

I focus on three research themes:

1. Ethics and sustainability in seafood value chains and seascape activities (eSEAS) and seascape activities (MENSA).

2. Sociocultural, institutional, political, and ethical aspects of marine policy and governance.

3. Participatory research and community engagement at the science-policy interface.

Responsibility is integral to all these as the "big sister" of rights. In society, we all claim rights, but often fail to take responsibility for the freedoms that our rights give us. Often, in pursuing our needs, wants, and dreams, we forget to care about each other and ignore our impacts on the environment that sustains us. Through the AFINO project, I aim to help people reconnect with their core values and responsibilities so that together, we can make the world a better place - for all.

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