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AFINO is both a network and a project that carry out some experimental activities. These experiments aim at better understanding and improving activities that can contribute to more responsible and sustainable research and innovation.

The Pilots are perhaps the more experimental of the AFINO activities and they are the main task of work package 2. Their primary goal is to imagine and try out innovative ways of sharing and generating knowledge and of transforming practices in order to make research and innovation more inclusive and forward looking. The focus of the pilots is innovation rather than pure research and the emphasis is on the collaborative dimension across sectors.

The pilots explore novel ways of engaging different stakeholders in the co-creation of social value. These new ways need to be fair and engaging, sustainable and capable of adapting to the changes that the future will bring.

The pilots will be working closer with the projects associated with AFINO and also with other activities carried out by other work packages.

We will chronicle the advancement of the pilots to witness the progresses and the challenges, the achievements and the setbacks. Since we want them to be adventurous, we believe it will be interesting and valuable to be candid about what will work and will not work.

Contact and leader of the AFINO pilot projects

Contact and leader of the AFINO pilot projects

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