AI CHALLENGE — the Future of Artificial Intelligence

AI CHALLENGE — the Future of Artificial Intelligence


AI Lab at NTNU.

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Curious about the future? Join the AI Challenge conference

What is the future of (and with) Artificial Intelligence and where is the technology headed? What major societal challenges will arise as artificial intelligence gains an ever-increasing influence in our society? Machines can perform many tasks that humans cannot, are limited to specialized tasks. We are still far from developing general intelligence. What will be the true gain of AI in the years to come, and where will the technology find its limitations? This conference will address the development of AI both in methods and in applications.

Target audience

The conference is targeting the general public and will also be of interest to the AI student, researcher, or expert.  This initiative will be the start of an ongoing dialogue on this interesting and challenging topic.


  • Kamalika Das – RIACS/USRA, NASA ARC
  • Nicola Palmarini – MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
  • Teemu Roos – University of Helsinki
  • Silvija Seres – Technology investor
  • Astrid Undheim – Telenor Research
  • Roger Moore – University of Sheffield
  • Abhishek Thakur –
  • Rudolf Mester – Goethe-Universität

Conference program



The registration has closed. Please contact the Conference PCO if you would like to register.


RSB Time Place

Time and place
AI Challenge 2019
18 June 2019, 08:00–15:00
Scandic Nidelven, Trondheim
Havnegata 1-3
7010 Trondheim

RSB organizer

Norwegian open ai lab NTNU