PhD candidates working together in the lab. Photo

C1Pro is an international scientific consortium funded by EraCoBiotech Cofund Action. We are six project partners coming from four different countries. This includes NTNU (Norway), Bielefeld University (Germany), Marburg University (Germany), the research institutes INSA (France) and SINTEF (Norway) and the companies BASF (Germany) and Acies Bio (Slovenia).

C1Pro consortium focuses on the use of biotechnology to establish a sustainable platform for methanol-based production of amino acids derivatives. Methanol is an attractive and alternative raw material for biotechnological processes because of its chemical properties, relatively low price and availability from both fossil and renewable sources.

The bacterium Bacillus methanolicus was chosen as model organism in this project because it utilizes methanol as raw material, it grows at elevated temperatures and it can overproduce the precursors of our wanted products. Our mission is to apply innovative technologies in the fields of modelling, development of genetic tools, strain engineering, fermentation technology and downstream processing to establish and develop methanol-based production