Topics of the conference

Topics of the conference

Papers may include but are not limited to the following topics:

Learning in Industry 4.0 / Cyber Physical Manufacturing Systems:

  • Knowledge and Innovation for Manufacturing
  • Digital Learning Environments 
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Personal Learning Environments

Learning Factories:

  • Maker spaces
  • Lean Learning
  • Serious Games and Simulations in Learning Factories
  • Flipped Classroom Learning Factories
  • Social Learning Models

Cooperation, Flexibility and Transparency in Manufacturing Education and Learning:

  • Maker spaces
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Product Life Cycle Engineering
  • Universal Design

Research Based Innovation and Learning:

  • Sustainable Innovations,
  • Multi-material products and solutions,
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes,
  • Flexible Automated Manufacturing
  • Organisational Processes
  • Operations Management
  • Industrial economics

Special sessions:

  • related to EIT KIC on Added Value Manufacturing
  • SFI Manufacturing


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