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Norway in Europe – Online book talk between Randi Ness, manager PwC Norway and former advisor to the Secretary General of NATO and Lise Rye, professor of Contemporary European History, NTNU


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On 8 November 2019, Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration Mary C. Murphy at the University College Cork, will give the 2019 Jean Monnet Lecture on the topic "The Irish Perspective on Brexit".

Mary C. Murphy portrai photo

See also Facebook event for more details.

Wednesday 6 November, professor Lise Rye gave a public talk on Norway's relationship with the European Union at Suhmhuset in Trondheim.

Professor Lise Rye speaking
Photo: Ingrid Lønset Solemdal/NTNU

In this lecture, prof. Rye offered a long-term perspective on Norway's policy on Europe, from the Norwegian Constitution's limits to waiving sovereignty and Norway's current affiliation with the European Economic Area. The main questions addressed were: What happened in the relationship between Norway and the EEC/EU in the period between Norway's two membership referenda? How did Norway, the country voting no, end up as the EU's most integrated non-member?

The event was free and open to the public. See also the Facebook event.



On 26 November, Prof. Lise Rye presented the Jean Monnet-module at the NTNU European Conference in Brussels. 

Woman speaking in front of a screen

On 2 November 2018, Prof. Dr. Anand Menon, Director of UK in a Changing Europe and Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs, King’s College in London gave the 2018 Jean Monnet Lecture on the topic “Brexit: What happes, and what will happen next?” 

Man giving a ledcture in front of a crowd

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On 15 October 2018, the team behind the JM-module organized a public debate meeting on the effects of the EEA Agreement on the Norwegian labour market. The panel consisted of Line Eldring from Fellesforbundet  - a trade union organizing more than 147 000 workers in construction, industry, farming, hotels, restaurants and graphical sector; Morten Harper from No to the EU – a civil society organization that opposes Norwegian membership of the EEA; and Peter Brandstrup from the European Movement in Norway, which is supportive of continued Norwegian membership of the EEA. Lise Rye from the NTNU European Studies programme moderated the debate. 

Four Panelists in a debate meeting

See also Facebook event (in Norwegian)

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Audience and panelists at a debate meeting