FME-dag overskrift

13 March, Scandic Lerkendal, Trondheim

Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) Conference

The FMEs as enablers in mitigating climate and energy challenges

FME stream

FME Conference program

Moderator: Stein Mortensholm, SINTEF


Registration and refreshments


Welcome and setting the scene


Opening remarks


Opening Keynotes:

  • Kristin Myskja, Ministry of Energy
  • Rune Volla, The Research Council Norway
  • Bjørn Holsen, Energi21


Short break


1-A: Scaling up renewable electricity production 


To build momentum - how, where and when?


FMEs: HydroCen, SuSolTech, Northwind

1-B: Energy efficiency first!


... and how does it matter and give impact?


FMEs: ZEN, HighEff




2-A: The flexible integrated energy system


How does this look like and what will it take​?



2-B: Towards a decarbonized transport sector


Where, how, what and when?






3-A: Just transition, acceleration, or reduction?


Selected societal and user perspectives: What do people require and how can we achieve a just transition?


3-B: The roles of hydrogen and CCS in the short and long term


What are the roles of hydrogen and CCS in the short and long term​?


FMEs: Hyvalue, Hydrogeni, NCCS




Summing up and 'What's next'


Final remarks:

  • Vebjørn Bakken (UiO), Asgeir Tomasgard (NTNU), Inge Gran (SINTEF),  Martin S. Foss (IFE), Stian Anfinsen (NORCE), Ågot Aakra (NMBU), Lene Mostue (Energi21/RCN)

Summing up and closing the event





Aperitif and dinner




About FME day


The 2024 FME Conference is a collaborative effort made by all Norwegian Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME). This conference will be the first of its kind, and co-organized to facilitate high-impact dialogue among FME representatives.

The day-long conference is strategically structured, beginning and concluding with plenary sessions that encapsulates collective questions and visions. Throughout the day, participants will engage in parallel 90-minute sessions, each crafted by sub-committees comprising members from relevant FMEs. These sessions are dedicated to exploring specific aspects of the central theme: the role of FMEs in mitigating climate and energy challenges. The aim is to foster interdisciplinary exchange.

Venue: Scandic Lerkendal, Trondheim.

Digital: You can watch the event via live stream, without any interactive abilities. Recordings will also be publised after the event.

The event is part of the NTNU Energy Transition Week, which also includes the dedicated workshops and other networking events.

The conference is free and open to everyone.

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Clarion Hotel:
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Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel:
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