Excursion 2: Norwegian Wood

Excursion 2: Norwegian Wood
Lade School – Maskinparken TRE – Moholt 50/50

November 8, 2019
Bus leaves from Clarion Hotel Brattøra at 09:00 and returns at 12:00

Lade School

Lade School

Lade School exterior

Lade school and sports hall was opened in 2018 and is the third school in Trondheim that has been constructed in massive wood.

Lade School interior

Project owner: Trondheim Municipality
Contractor: Betongmast Hæhre Trøndelag AS
Architect and design management: Eggen Arkitekter AS
In addition to designing and constructing a well-functioning multi-use school, ambitious targets were set for greenhouse gas emissions / carbon footprint and energy consumption. The goal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from materials by 50%, compared to a similar building that meets national minimum requirements.
The construction has extensive use of wood, including most of the supporting structures, exterior facade and interior walls. An iconic element is the wooden spiral staircase that runs from the first to the third floor, probably the longest of the kind in Europe. A work of art is carved into the wooden wall.
Lade School meets the Norwegian passive house standard, and has a water based heating system supplied by district heating as the main sources of energy. All targets to minimize energy use were met. The building was planned and constructed for BREEAM-NOR level “Very good”.


Maskinparken TRE

Maskinparken TRE

Maskinparken TRE exterior

Maskinparken TRE is an apartment block consisting of 8 floors + basement and a total of 47 apartments. It was finished in early 2019, and uses massive wood as the main construction material.

kl-wood detail

Developer and owner: Trøndelag Fylkeskommune
Contractor: Skanska Norway
Architect and design management: Rambøll/KHR
Maskinparken TRE is part of a new residential property development area called ‘New Lilleby’, on a former industrial area in Trondheim. The residential area will be a car-free zone, including 38 acres of green space with townhouses and apartment blocks.
The residential building Maskinparken TRE became the winner of the Norwegian Wood Award for 2018. The jury’s statement included the following: ‘The project is the largest KL-wood (massive wood) dwelling project in Norway. It has shown the application of innovative solutions in combination with high architectural qualities and ambitious environmental goals.’
The project meets the Norwegian Passive House standard, and achieved a 39% reduction in emissions from construction materials compared to a standard house.


moholt 50-50

Moholt 50/50

winter night exterior of the student village Moholt 50/50

Moholt 50/50 is a student village including housing units, kinder-garten, grocery store, sports facilities, and library. The five towers containing student housing were constructed in 2017. All buildings are constructed in cross laminated timber (CLT).

Moholt 50/50 facade detail

Developer: SIT Trondheim
Contractor: Veidekke Entreprenør
Architect: MDH Arkitekter SA
The student housing is divided into five nine-storey towers with a Y-shaped plan, where each floor is organized as communal housing with 15 private units around a kitchen and a common room. From the first floor to the 9th floor the entire structure consists of prefabricated CLT-elements, while the basement and ground floor levels are in-situ cast reinforced concrete. Elevator shafts and stairwells are also constructed in CLT.
The project is built according to the Norwegian passive house standard. The greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of building materials was reduced by 57 % compared to traditional construction methods. The houses are heated and cooled by geothermal energy.
The project was nominated to the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2017, and received the Norwegian Wood Construction Prize and the Trondheim Energy Prize in 2016.


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