View presentations from the 1st Nordic Conference on Zero Emission and Plus Energy Buildings: Towards carbon neutral built environments. Papers are available at IOPscience.

Opening Address

pdf icon Opening Address - 1st Nordic Conference on Zero Emission and Plus Energy Buildings
Inger Andresen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


pdf icon Keynote: The development and management of carbon neutral buildings: Challenges and Opportunities
Anna Denell, Anna Denell, Sustainability Director of Vasakronan, Sweden

pdf icon Keynote: Is Heaven a Place on Earth?
Kjetil Thorsen, Kjetil Thorsen, Partner of Snøhetta , Norway

pdf icon Keynote: The world needs a new approach. Buildings as key players in the transformation to a low carbon society
Harald Schnur, Division Director, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Finland and Baltic countries

Sessions Wednesday

S1: Lessons learnt from design and use of ZEB+

S2: Policy and business models

pdf icon Towards Low Carbon Economy – Green Bond and Asset
Suvi Nenonen, Anssi Koski, Ari-Pekka Lassila & Suvi Lehikoinen

pdf icon Business models for nZEB renovation of small wooden buildings
Ann Kristin Kvellheim, Anne Gunnarshaug Lien and Sigrid Damman

S3: Indoor Environment

S4: Scenarios and potential studies

pdf icon Opportunities for Local Energy Supply in Norway: A Case Study of a University Campus Site
Stian Backe, Å. L. Sørensen , D. Pinel, J. Clauß, C. Lausselet

pdf icon Future energy pathways for a university campus considering possibilities for energy efficiency improvements
Natasa Nord, Nina Holck Sandberg, Huy Ngo, Eirik Nesgård , Aleksandra Woszczek, Tymofii Tereshchenko, Jan Sandstad Næss, Helge Brattebø

pdf icon Estimating the aggregated energy savings from large scale introduction of zero emission buildings in the Norwegian Building Stock
Nina Holck Sandberg, Jan Sandstad Næss, Arild Gustavsen, Inger Andresen and Helge Brattebø

pdf icon Use of GIS for energy modelling of Trondheims building stock
Raquel Alonso Pedrero, Nina Holck Sandberg & Helge Brattebø

S5: Lessons learnt from design and use of ZEB+

pdf icon Hoppet - the first fossil free preschool
Maria Perzon & Hanna Ljungstedt

S6: LCA and carbon footprint

S7: Energy Flexibility

S8: Energy and environment performance simulation

pdf icon Simulation vs Measurements - a comparison of calculated and empirical energy data for the Norwegian building Stock
Nina Holck Sandberg, Raquel Alonso Pedrero, Øystein Rønneseth, Igor Sartori & Helge Brattebø

pdf icon Microclimate analysis of a university campus in Norway
Johannes Brozovsky, Sara Corio, Niki Gaitani, Arild Gustavsen

S9: Lessons learnt from design and use of ZEB+

S10: LCA and carbon footprint

pdf icon Life cycle study of an office building with site specific data
Peter Ylmén, Diego Peñaloza & Kristina Mjörnell

pdf icon LCA for Zero Emission Neighbourhood : Ydalir , a Norwegian case study
Kristi Marie Lund, C Lausselet & H. Brattebø

S11: Energy Flexibility

pdf icon Local energy markets as a solution for increased energy efficiency and flexibility
Iliana Ilieva, Bernt Bremdal, Agustin A.S. la Nieta Lopez, Jose Luis Crespo & Stig H. Simonsen

S12: Methods and tools for performance prediction

Sessions Thursday

S13: Lessons learnt from design and use of ZEB+

S14: Energy supply systems

pdf icon POLYSOL - Thermal and electrical performance assessment of a cost effective polygeneration system
Szabolcs Varga, J. Soares, B. Shahzamanian, A. Palmero Marrero & A. C. Oliveira

S15: Performance criteria and certification

pdf icon SGBC NollCO2 certification
Pia Stoll & Mattias Tas

S16: Heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting

pdf icon Influence of smart lighting control on the lifetime of high power LED luminaires
Janne Askola, H. Baumgartner, T. Pulli, P. Kärhä & E. Ikonen

S17: Lessons learnt from design and use of ZEB+

pdf icon The Norwegian ZEB definition and lessons learnt from nine pilot building projects
Inger Andresen, Marianne Kjendseth Wiik, Selamawit Mamo Fufa, Arild Gustavsen

pdf icon Lessons learnt from the design and construction strategies of two Norwegian low emission construction sites
Selamawit Mamo Fufa, Marianne Kjendseth Wiik, Sofie Mellegård & Inger Andresen

S18: Energy supply systems

pdf icon Efficiency of BIPV system Field study in Norwegian climate
Lars Gullbrekken, Nora Schjøth Bunkholt, Steinar Grynning, Martin Bellman & Tore Kvande

S19: Building Physics

pdf icon How to energy renovate masonry walls in historic buildings in a moisture safe way
Vasilis Soulios, Ernst Jan de PlaceHansen & Ruut Peuhkuri

S20: Planning strategies

pdf icon Co Creation of Positive Energy Blocks
Dirk Ahlers, Dirk Ahlers, Patrick Driscoll, Håvard Wibe, Annemie Wyckmans

pdf iconPerimeter Blocks in Nordic Towns how latitude affect daylighting
Bengt Sundborg, Barbara Szybinska Matusiak & Shabnam Arbab

S21: Planning, innovation, and procurement strategies

S22: Existing buildings – renovation and management

pdf icon Review of HVAC strategies for energy renovation of detached houses towards NZEB in cold climates
Vegard Heide, Laurent Georges, Anne Gunnarshaug Lien & Hans Martin Mathisen

pdf icon Defining a niche for Facilities Management in Smart Cities
Assoc. Professor Carmel Lindkvist, authors Alenka Temeljotov Salaj, Dave Collins, Svein Bjørberg,

S23: Indoor Environment

pdf icon Relation between daylight availability and electric lighting in a single family house
Gabriele Lobaccaro, Marta Savarino, Francesco Goia, Enrico Fabrizio

S24: Carbon footprint in the design process

Time and place RSB

Time & place
1st Nordic ZEB+
6 - 7 November 2019
(Post-conference Excursions 8 November)
Clarion Hotel Trondheim
Brattørkaia 1, 7010 Trondheim, Norway
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