Program Thursday 7 November

Program Thursday 7 November

08:00 - 09:00
Location: Mingling area
09:00 - 10:15
Location: Cosmos 2
Chair: A. Gustavsen

09:00 Keynote: The world needs a new approach. Buildings as key players in the transformation to a low carbon society
Harald Schnur
Division Director, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Finland and Baltic countries

09:45 Keynote: How to deal with the users? Consumer roles and everyday practices in Zero Carbon built environments
Kirsten Gram-Hanssen
Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark

10:15 - 10:45
10:45 - 12:00
Parallel Sessions
S13: Lessons learnt from design and use of ZEB+
Location: Cosmos 2
Chair: R. Woods
10:45 The design process for achievement of an office living laboratory with a ZEB standard
Berit Time, SINTEF Community
11:00 Living labs in a zero emission neighbourhood context
Ruth Woods, NTNU
11:15 Reanalysis of occupant experiment in ZEB Living Lab
Kristian Skeie, NTNU
11:30 Login Vagle - Commercial implementation of optimized power control based on forecasts for an interrelated electrical and thermal system at REMA Distribution Central in Rogaland, Norway.
Håkon Person, Multiconsult
S14: Energy supply systems
Location: Cosmos 1
Chair: N. Nord
10:45 Parametric study for the long term energetic performance of geothermal energy piles
Andrea Ferrantelli, Tallinn University of Technology
11:00 Geo-Solar District Heating – Lessons learnt from a not realized project
Dietrich Schmidt, Fraunhofer IEE
11:15 POLYSOL – Thermal and electrical performance assessment of a cost-effective polygeneration system
Szabolcs Varga, INEGI
11:30 SPARCs: Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS (H2020 Project) & IEA PED Annex
Francesco Reda, VTT
S15: Performance criteria and certification
Location: Cosmos 3A
Chair: T. Kristjansdottir
10:45 SGBC NollCO2 certification
Pia Stoll, Sweden Green Building Council, Hans Wallström, Skanska
Filip Elland, Castellum, and Mattias Tas, Lidl
11:15 Towards climate neutral office buildings. Assessment of an office building in Gothenburg
Andreas Eggertsen Teder, White Arkitekter
11:30 A Norwegian zero emission neighbourhood (ZEN) definition and a ZEN key performance indicator (KPI) tool
Marianne R.K. Wiik, SINTEF Community
S16: Heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting
Location: Cosmos 3C
Chair: M. Berner
10:45 Case study of personal heaters in a Plus energy building – Simulations of potential energy savings and results from a field test
Niels Lassen, Skanska Teknikk / NTNU
11:00 Latent heat storage for centralized heating system in a ZEB living laboratory: integration and design
Alexis Sevault, SINTEF Energy AS
11:15 Monitoring of Passive House and Near Zero Energy Buildings with Advanced Thermal Energy Systems Exchanging Excess Heat with Adjacent Buildings
Jørn Stene, COWI
11:30 Influence of smart lighting control on the lifetime of high power LED luminaires
Janne Askola, Aalto University
12:00 - 14:00
Lunch and excursion
14:00 - 15:00
Parallel Sessions
S17: Lessons learnt from design and use of ZEB+
Location: Cosmos 2
Chair: M. Berge
14:00 The Norwegian ZEB definition and lessons learnt from nine pilot building projects
Inger Andresen, NTNU
14:15 Lessons learnt from the design and construction strategies of two Norwegian low emission construction sites
Selamawit Mamo Fufa, SINTEF Community
14:30 The new administration building for the Ringvegen housing cooperative – A holistic energy concept with local energy production
Alise Plavina, Pir2 Arkitekter
14:45 Familieboliger Kringsjå studentby. Massivtre, passivhus, ulike solcelleanlegg, VP og geotermiske brønner. Fase II i utvikling av et ZEN-område
Eivind Selvig, Civitas
S18: Energy supply systems
Location: Cosmos 1
Chair: F. Reda
14:00 Wood burning habits and its effect on the electrical energy demand of a retrofitted Norwegian detached house
Laurina C. Felius, NTNU
14:15 Efficiency of BIPV system – Field study in Norwegian climate
Lars Gullbrekken, SINTEF Community
14:30 Energy analysis and energy planning for kindergartens based on data analysis
Yiyu Ding, NTNU
14:45 Innovativ energiforsyning for Landbrukskvartalet
Arnkell Petersen, Erichsen & Horgen AS
S19: Building Physics
Location: Cosmos 3A
Chair: R. Peuhkuri
14:00 Webtool for quantitative sustainability evaluation of hygro-thermally optimized insulation solutions
Signe Walther, Technical University Denmark
14:15 Defrosting and Frost Protection Measurements of Heat Recovery in Cold Climate
Åsa Wahlström, Lund University
14:30 Thermal conductivity of high-performance insulation - a laboratory study. Realistic design values for use in energy-efficient buildings.
Malin Sletnes, SINTEF Community
14:45 How to energy renovate masonry walls in historic buildings in a moisture safe way
Ruut Peuhkuri, Aalborg University
S20: Planning strategies
Location: Cosmos 3C
Chair: I. Kildsgaard
14:00 Co-Creation of Positive Energy Blocks
Dirk Ahlers, NTNU
14:15 Designing a ZEN Campus: An exploration of ambition levels and system boundaries
Christofer Skaar, SINTEF Community
14:30 Perimeter Blocks in Nordic Towns - how latitude affect daylighting
Bengt Sundborg, NTNU
14:45 Assessing cities: Applying GIS-based methods for mapping cross-scale spatial indicators
Lillian Rokseth, NTNU
15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 16:30
Parallel Sessions
S21: Planning, innovation, and procurement strategies
Location: Cosmos 2
Chair: M. Haase
15:30 Innovative public procurement (IPP) – Implications and potential for zero-emission neighborhood (ZEN) projects?
Hasan Hamdan, NTNU
15:45 Heimdal videregående skole. Bruk av EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) for økt måloppnåelse
Torger Mjønes, Trøndelag Fylkeskommune
16:00 Collaboration for Climate Action: Canada Sweden. C40 Reinventing Montréal, a circular community focused on climate and social resilience
Marie-France Stendahl, White Arkitekter AB
16:15 Enova: Fostering Innovation in Norway
Monica Berner, Enova
S22: Existing buildings – renovation and management
Location: Cosmos 1
Chair: S. Geving
15:30 Review of HVAC strategies for energy renovation of detached houses towards NZEB in cold climates
Vegard Heide, NTNU
15:45 Process-related risks in refurbishment of dwellings using prefabricated wall elements with integrated PV and ventilation ducts.
Kari Thunshelle, SINTEF Community
16:00 Refurbishment of historic buildings at a district scale: Enhancement of cultural value and emission reduction potential
Arian Loli, NTNU
16:15 Defining a niche for Facilities Management in Smart Cities
Carmel Lindkvist, NTNU
S23: Indoor Environment
Location: Cosmos 3A
Chair: T. Lexow
15:30 On the relation of thermal comfort practice and the energy performance gap
Runa T. Hellwig, Aalborg University
15:45 Energy efficiency of strategies to enable temperature zoning during winter in highly-insulated residential buildings equipped with balanced mechanical ventilation.
Laurent Georges, NTNU
16:00 Relation between daylight availability and electric lighting in a single-family house
Gabriele Lobaccaro, NTNU
16:15 Evaluation of the use of recirculated air to maintain satisfactory indoor air quality and reduce energy use
Maria Justo Alonso, NTNU / SINTEF Community
S24: Carbon footprint in the design process
Location: Cosmos 3C
Chair: C. Skaar
15:30 A tool for the parametric assessment of operational energy use and embodied GHG emissions in a single-family house concept study.
Marianne R. K. Wiik, SINTEF Community
15:45 Bærekraftig materialbruk
Bård S. Solem, Eggen arkitekter
16:00 The role of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in the design process ZEB+ buildings
Christofer Skaar, EPD Norway
16:15 The next step – reducing emissions from transport. Examples from a neighbourhood development project at Fornebu, Norway.
Mie Fuglseth, Asplan Viak
16:30 - 17:00
17:00 - 18:00
Location: Cosmos 2

17:00 Keynote: Is this enough to save the future? The added value of buildings with integrated sustainability concepts.
Matthias Schuler
founder of Transsolar KlimaEngineering, Germany

17:45 Closing address
Inger Andresen, NTNU
Ivana Kildsgaard, Tengbom

End of Nordic ZEB+ 2019 - Safe journey home!

Time and place RSB

Time & place
1st Nordic ZEB+
6 - 7 November 2019
(Post-conference Excursions 8 November)
Clarion Hotel Trondheim
Brattørkaia 1, 7010 Trondheim, Norway
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