Norwegian Plant Biology 2016 in Trondheim

Norwegian Plant Biology 2016 in Trondheim

– Plant Biology for Sustainable Living

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We would like to invite you to the NorPlantBio 2016 conference “Plant Biology for Sustainable Living” taking place from the 15th until 17th of June 2016 in Trondheim, Norway. This conference is the 2016 edition of the bi-annually organized, national Norwegian Plant Biology conference and aims to bring together scientists from across Europe to showcase leading edge research from basic and translational plant research, to highlight the contributions plant biology can make to sustainable production of food and energy as well as discuss strategies for funding agencies to support plant science in the most efficient and productive way.

In order to achieve these aims we have invited a large number of established scientists (right side), which perform simultaneously leading edge basic and translational plant research that has impact. In parallel we will use the opportunity to run workshops aiming to provide guidance on career development for junior scientists, successful grant application writing and changing government support for plant research. The scientific program will be complemented by a social program, which will create many opportunities for informal discussions and establishment of novel collaborations. We do hope that we will have the pleasure of welcoming many of you to Norway this summer.



Registration and abstract submission are now closed.

In case of questions:





Inger Alsos
(University of Tromsø)

Kathy Barton
(Carnegie Department for Plant Biology, Stanford)

Malcolm Bennett
(Center for Integrative Plant Science, Nottingham)

Dominique Bergmann
(Stanford University)

Siobhan Braybrook
(Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge)

Jeff Conner
(Michigan State University)

Marc Cornelissen
(Bayer Crop Science, Ghent)

Eric Garnier

(CNRS, Montpellier)

Niko Geldner
(University of Lausanne)

Elizabeth Haswell
(Washington University St. Louis)

Antoine Kremer
(INRA Bordeaux)

Jane Langdale
(University of Oxford)

Ottoline Leyser
(Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge)

Birger Lindberg Møller
(University of Copenhagen)

Antonio Molina
(University of Madrid)

Peter Nixon
(Imperial College London)

Silke Robatzek
(Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich)

Pietro Spanu
(Imperial College London)

Samuel Zeeman

(ETH Zürich)

Cyril Zipfel
(Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich)