Preliminary Scientific program

Preliminary Scientific program



8.00-9.00       Registration

                        Plenary Session Thorsten Hamann

9.00                Opening remarks

9.15                Ottoline Leyser, Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge

                        “Auxin, strigolactone and the control of shoot branching”

9.55                Niko Geldner, Université de Lausanne

                        “One ring to bind them – how Casparian strips seal a tissue layer”


10.35              Break


                        Ecology and Evolution I Hans Stenøien

11.00              Antoine Kremer, INRA-University Bordeaux

                        “Microevolution of temperate oaks in Europe during the Holocene”

11.20              Jeff Conner, Michigan State University

                        “Evolution of weedy radish: rapid adaptation to human agriculture”

11.40              Thomas Marcussen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

“Species-level phylogeny, fruit evolution and diversification history of Geranium (Geraniaceae)”

12.00              Øystein Opedal, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

“Plant mating systems in a fluctuating environment: insights from a mixed-mating tropical vine”

12.12              Åshild Ergon, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

            “Red clover traits under selection in mixtures with grasses versus pure stands”

12.24              Narjes Yousefi, Natural History Museum, NTNU Trondheim

“Genome scan reveals two clades within the widespread peatmoss Sphagnum magellanicum Brid


12.36              Lunch, Realfagbygget cantina


                        Ecology and Evolution II Bente Jessen Graae

13.30              Inger Alsos, University of Tromsø

“Environmental plant DNA: potential of current approach and way forward using full genome data”

13.55              Eric Garnier, Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique, Montpellier

                        “Advances in trait-based comparative plant ecology”

14.20              Heidi Lie Andersen, University of Bergen

“Hybridization between the locally endangered Rosa spinosissima with Rosa mollis from western Norway shows no evidence of introgression.”

14.32              Amy Eycott, University of Bergen

“Seed banks, spore banks, and the recovery of plant communities after disturbance in Ugandan moist forest”


14.45              Break


                        Plant Science Research Policy Paul Grini

15.15              Øystein Rønning, NFR

                        “Funding of Plant science by the Research Council of Norway”

15.40              Patricia Schmitz-Möller, DFG

                        “Funding of Plant science by the DFG”

16.00              Ben Holt, NSF

” Plant research funding at the US National Science Foundation - one model for basic research funding”

16.20              Karin Metzlaff, EPSO

“What and how can plant science contribute to society today and in future? How can you get involved?”


16.40              Break


17.00-17.30  Public evening lecture, Marc Cornelissen, Bayer Crop Science

                        “Why plant science should be exposed”

17.30-18.00  Panel Discussion, “Plant science in a changing world”





8.00-9.15       Registration

                        Development I Paul Grini

9.15                Kathy Barton, Carnegie Department of Plant Biology, Stanford

”Stem cells and stress: Interaction between genes controlling meristem development and genes controlling dormancy and response to drought”

9.40                Melinka Butenko, University of Oslo

                        “The signalling peptide IDA controls floral organ abscission in Arabidopsis”

10.05              Katrine Bjerkan, University of Oslo

“Elucidating the role and regulatory networks of the putative DCAF protein WDR55 in plant reproductive development”

10.18              Wenche Johansen, University of Hamar

“Functional dissection of the DEK1 calpain protease in the moss Physcomitrella patens using site-directed mutagenesis”


10.30              Break


                        Development II Melinka Butenko

11.00              Jane Langdale, University of Oxford

                        “Understanding Kranz anatomy in maize with a view to achieving C4 rice”

11.25              Ute Voss, University of Nottingham

                        “Systems analysis of auxin oxidation and homeostasis”

11.50              Rüdiger Simon, University of Düsseldorf

                        ”Dynamics of stem cell signalling pathways in plants”

12.03              Silje Veiseth, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

“The Arabidopsis histone lysine methyltransferase SUVR4 targets transposons genome wide by H3K9 trimethylation”

12.15              Elena Carneros, Norwegian Institute Of Bioeconomy Research

“Epigenetic memory affects specific cells in Norway spruce epitypes in relation to bud burst”


12.30              Lunch, Realfagbygget Kantina


                        Metabolism I Catherine Lillo

13.30              Dominique Bergmann, University of Stanford

          “Stomatal socialism: How developmental coordination and communication among neighbors 

           optimizes gas-exchange and photosynthesis”

13.55              Peter Nixon, Imperial College London

                        “Repair and the evolution of the oxygen-evolving photosystem II complex”

14.20              Jacob Lamb, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

                        “Pili-mediated metal acquisition & primary productivity in Synechocystis

14.32              Jorunn Olsen, Norwegian University Of Life Sciences

                        “UV-B signalling involved in biosynthesis of phenolic compounds in pea”

14.44              Melissa Magerøy, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy

“Unraveling novel biosynthetic pathways of spruce insect defense metabolites”


15.00              Break


                        Metabolism II Martin Hohmann Marriott

15.20              Sam Zeeman, ETH Zürich

                        “New insights into starch metabolism”

15.45              Birger Lindberg Møller, University of Copenhagen

“Synthetic plant biology: The ultimate way to ‘go green’ Light-driven production of structurally complex diterpenoids”

16.10              Lutz Eichacker, University of Stavanger

                        “Chlorophyll binding to light-harvesting-like protein 3”

16.22              Alexandra Wormit, RWTH Aachen

           “Trehalose-6-phosphate metabolism is affected by cellulose biosynthesis inhibition”


16.35              Break


17.00 - 17.45            Workshop: Career development for academics, Lecture room R3

17.00 - 18.15            Poster Session


18.45              Concert in Nidaros Domen

20                   Conference Dinner Dokkhuset





8.00-9.15       Registration

           Biotic and abiotic stress I Muath Alsheikh

9.15                Silke Robatzek, Sainsbury Laboratory Norwich

                        “Transport-regulated immunity”

9.40                Pietro Spanu, Imperial College London

                        “How cereal powdery mildew RNAse-like effectors target host immunity”

10.05              Mallikarjuna Kovi, Norwegian University Of Life Sciences

“Festulolium transcriptome changes during cold acclimation and their comparison to Festuca pratensis and Lolium perenne genomes”

10.17              Timo Engelsdorf, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

           “Phenotypic clustering characterizes the Arabidopsis thaliana cell wall integrity maintenance



10.30              Break


          Biotic and abiotic stress II Muath Alsheikh

11.00              Kirsten Krause, University of Tromsø

“Cuscut-omics: Molecular insight into a plant genus that has morphologically and physiologically gone to some extremes”

11.25              Lucía Jordá, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

“YODA, a MAP3K, regulates broad-spectrum disease resistance through a non-canonical pathway”

11.50              Michael Wrzaczek, University Of Helsinki

          “Plant receptors in ROS signaling - function and evolution”

12.02             Morten Lillemo, Norwegian University Of Life Sciences

 “Genomics-assisted breeding to improve pre-harvest sprouting resistance in wheat”

12.15  Ane Kjersti Vie, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

“Glucosinolate hydrolysis products as danger signals in Arabidopsis thaliana


12.30              Lunch, Realfagbygget Kantina


                        Cell Biology I Kirsten Krause

13.30              Elizabeth Haswell, Washington University in St. Louis

“Mechanosensitive ion channels: sensing and reporting membrane tension in plant cells”

13.55              Thorsten Hamann, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

                        “Coordinating cell cycle progression and cell wall metabolism”

14.20              Amr Abass Kataya, University of Stavanger

“Organelle-Mediated Reversible Phosphorylation: Players Identification and Functional Implications”

14.32              Stian Olsen, University of Tromsø

            “Xyloglucan-modifying enzymes of the parasitic plant Cuscuta: putative functions in host plant


14.44              Vojtech Didi, Central European Institute of Technology, Masaryk University

“Cytokinins control cell differentiation via regulation of secondary cell wall master switches NST1 and NST3”


15.00              Break


           Cell Biology II Thorsten Hamann

15.20              Cyril Zipfel, Sainsbury Laboratory Norwich

           “Danger perception by plant receptor kinases: from the plasma membrane to the field”

15.45              Siobhan Braybrook, Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge

                        “Growing up fast: mechanisms of early etiolation in Arabidopsis”

16.10              Ivan Paponov, Norwegian University Of Life Sciences

“Regulation of endocytosis by synthetic auxin NAA is independent of AUXIN BINDING PROTEIN 1”


16.25              CLOSING

Social program

Social program


Pre-Conference Dinner: Organ concert in Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim


Conference dinner in Dokkhuset

Dokkhuset, Trondheim