Research at SIAT

Research at SIAT

In order to stimulate increased interdisciplinary cooperation, the research at SIAT is characterised by relevance, expertise and interdisciplinary cooperation.

To achieve the best possible research and quality, we utilise NTNU's expertise and laboratories to combine theoretical and experimental research and collaboration nationally and internationally. Research is measured in quality according to international criteria and based on relevance and impact in relation to the society's needs.

Through models of interaction with the users of our research, we make sure the research is relevant, and thus increase the chances of the results being taken into use. The long-term goal of SIAT is to be a knowledge base for sports and society through research.

SIAT conducts research within two main areas:

  • Sports facilities
  • Sports technology

Research on sports facilities include research areas that cover the entire life cycle of sports facilities: from the conceptual phase through financing, design, engineering, construction, operation and management. Studies of the energy use in various types of sports facilities, such as swimming facilities, ice halls and sports halls, are focused areas.

Research on sports technology includes topics that will enhance the athletes' performance by improving the clothing, equipment and analytics tools.

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