Call for abstracts - Sustainability in Hydropower 2023

Call for abstracts - Sustainability in Hydropower 2023

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Call for abstracts to SUSHP 2023, Trondheim, Norway, 13 - 15 June 2023

We are excited to invite you to submit your abstract for the 2nd  International Conference on sustainability in hydropower – ecological mitigation, best practise and governance that will be held at NTNU in Trondheim 13-15 June 2023.

Abstract submission for oral presentations is now closed, but we still welcome abstracts for posters. Submission for posters is open until 30 May.

Theme & topics

Emphasis in the programme is on sustainability in hydropower, successful environmental improvements in rivers and lakes modified for hydropower production and emerging best practises with regards to good governance, mitigation and use of available technologies. Please address your contribution to the following topics/subtopics:

  • Topic 1: Best practises and EUs taxonomy of sustainability
    • Digitalisation and application of new technologies (AI, remote sensing, eDNA, etc.)
    • Evidence and ecosystem based management of modified nature
    • Best possible measures in modified water bodies to reach the optimal ecological potential
  • Topic 2: Hydropower and climate change and adaptation
    • How climate change affect hydropower production and modified ecology
    • Reservoirs and flood protection
    • Hydropower's role in mitigating extreme weather (drought, floods)
  • Topic 3: How to make flexible hydropower sustainable?
    • River-focused mitigation of hydropeaking (operational vs retention basins)
    • Ecohydrological perspectives and multiple pressures (thermopeaking, saturopeaking)
    • How can eco-friendly peaking be delivered?
  • Topic 4: Connectivity and barrier effects in rivers – solutions and method
    • Integrated sediment management in regulated rivers
    • Ecohydraulic, sediment dynamics and fish flows
    • Safe fish two-way migration passed HP barriers
  • Topic 5: Riparian ecology and floodplains - solutions
    • Lateral connectivity – a forgotten issue in many countries?
    • Land-water interactions (e.g. spay zone, endangered habitats)
    • HP regulations and other impacts (flood protection etc)
  • Topic 6: Reservoir ecology and integrated mitigation
    • Ecological mitigation in regulated lakes
    • Ponded rivers and mitigation
    • Pump storage and retrofitting of dams
  • Topic 7: River restoration without compromising hydropower generation
    • Habitat restoration and environmental design in regulated rivers
    • Rehabilitation, mitigation or integrated restoration of lakes and rivers
    • Biodiversity offsetting (replacing habitats)
  • Topic 8: LCA and ecological footprint of new and existing renewables
    • Small vs large scale hydropower
    • Land use, life-cycle analysis (LCA) and ecological impacts from wind power vs. bio vs hydro
    • Energy transition and more eco-friendly renewables
  • Topic 9: Sustainability and hydropower in developing countries
    • Eflow and ecological mitigation in tropical ecosystems
    • Master planning for sustainable hydro development
    • Social vs ecological impact assessment and mitigation

The list above is a non exhaustive overview of relevant topics and keywords of relevance for the scope of this conference. The following issues may also be of high relevance into many of the topics above:

  • Holistic perspectives on value of hydropower and landscape, cultural heritage and environment
  • Ecohydrology, Eflow settings and hydromorphological assessments
  • Incentives (funds) for mitigation and pressure-pays principles
  • Cost-benefits analysis of measures and tools for multicriteria analysis
  • Fisheries management solutions
  • Legal aspects of sustainable hydropower management

Selection criteria

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Program and International Advisory Committee of the Conference. The selection criteria are relevance, quality and originality.

Presentation format

Authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to give either an oral or poster presentation. Please state your preference.


The accepted abstracts will be made available online and published in a Conference Proceedings.


Deadline for abstract submission: 15 April 2023 (to be considered for oral presentations).

Abstract submission for poster is open until 30th of May.

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Template & guidelines

We encourage all the abstract authors to follow the template available and comply with the following:

  • Title: Arial 14 points font
  • Author/institution/Abstract: Arial 11 points font
  • The abstract should not exceed 1 page of text (in the given template)
  • Submit the abstract in MS Word format (as the template)
  • Please name your abstractfile as follows: "sushp2023-[submitting authors surname].docx" (ie: sushp2023-johnson.docx)

Download the SUSHP 2023 abstract template (word file/docx)

Abstract submission

Submit your abstract by email.

In the email with the abstract to be submitted, please indicate:

  • Topics: which topic(s) the abstracts could be assigned with
  • Oral/poster: the preferred type of presentation
  • e-mail subject: "SUSHP 2023 - abstract"

Submit your contribution by email to:

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