SUSHP 2023

Program committee

Jo Halvard Halleraker (Chair)
Chief engineer, NEA

Liv Randi Hultgreen (Co-chair)
Executive Director, NTNU/HydroCen

Tor Haakon Bakken (Co-chair)
Professor, NTNU/HydroCen

Anders Skarstedt (Co-chair)
Analyst, SWAM

Kjetil Lønborg Jensen (Co-chair)
Senior advisor, NEA

Ingrid Haug
Senior advisor, NVE

Atle Harby
Senior Scientist, SINTEF Energy/HydroCen

Line Sundt-Hansen
Senior Research Scientist, NINA/HydroCen

Vegard Pettersen
Policy advisor, Renewable Norway

Ulrich Pulg
Senior Researcher, NORCE

International Advisory Committee

Dr. Brenda M. Pracheil (USA)

Fisheries Biologist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Brenda Pracheil is an Earth scientist and fisheries biologist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Associate Editor of Methods in Ecology and Evolution, and Governing Board Chair of the Low Impact Hydropower Institute. Her current work broadly focuses primarily on environmental sustainability of hydropower and aquatic conservation

Brenda M. Pracheil - LinkedIn | Brenda Pracheil - PNNL

Dr. Ing. Emanuele Quaranta (Italy)

European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC, Ispra)

Dr. E. Quaranta is a hydropower scientist at the European Commission Joint Research Centre (Ocean and Water unit), presently coordinating the SustHydro exploratory research on sustainable hydropower, where the potential for sustainable hydropower in Europe has been assessed, including retrofitting, hybridization and hidden hydropower. Dr. Quaranta is the scientific responsible of the hydropower section of the Clean Energy Technology Observatory, is involved in several international discussion tables and was in 2022 included in the top 2% list of the most influential scientist in the world.

Emanuele Quaranta - LinkedIn | Emanuele Quaranta - ResearchGate

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Martin Schletterer (Austria)

ecologist at TIWAG (Tiroler Wasserkraft AG) and Licensed instructor at University of life sciences (BOKU, Vienna), Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG).

Dr Schletterer was one of the key editors of the book Novel Developments for Sustainable Hydropower from the FitHydro-project. He has a wide experience working as an ecologist with ecological mitigation for a large hydropower company in the alps (TIWAG), and have been involved in many international R&D projects about ecosystem based management in Russia and other countries in Europe.

Martin Schletterer - | Martin Schletterer - ResearchGate

Dr. Åsa Widén (Sweden)

Ecologist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Dr. Åsa Widén have been involved in many studies on regulated rivers and constructs measures to improve the functions of the ecosystem. The measures can be environmental flows or/and structural measures to improve the physical habitat in the regulated river. She also has work with river basin management for several years, and is currently holding a postdoc position at SLU in Umeå (Northern Sweden)

Åsa Widén - LinkedIn | Åsa Widén - ResearchGate

Local organizing committee

Berit G. Hagen
Centre Coordinator, NTNU/HydroCen

Heidi Kvamme Antonsen
Advisor, NEA

Hanne K. Sandtorv
Advisor, NTNU



Organizers RSB


FME HydroCen
NTNU Team Hydropower
Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Norwegian Environmental Agency

In collaboration with:

Sira Kvina Kraftselskap