Program Thursday

Program Thursday

Thursday 15. June

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Plenary 5: Evident based solutions for sustainable management of hydropower impacts

Moderators: Åsa Widén (SLU, SE) & Tor Haakon Bakken (NTNU, NO)

09:00 KEYNOTE: IEA Roadmap for best practise solutions for hydropower and fish
Ana Bustos (SINTEF, NO)
Marcell Szabó-Mészáros (SINTEF/IEA Hydro)

09:30 Restoration of flood-maintained ecosystems
Birgitta Malm Renöfält & Roland Jansson (Umeå University, SE)

09:50 Using turbulent eddies to guide fish: The Fishpath Project
Ana T. Silva et al. (NINA/HydroCen, NO)

10:10 A critical review of best practice mitigation towards low ecological impacts from large hydropower in Europe and the US
Jo Halvard Halleraker et al. (NTNU, NO)

Coffee break
Plenary 5 continued

Moderators; Gisela Ofenböck (Federal Ministry, AT) & Vegard Pettersen (Renewable Norway)

10:50 KEYNOTE: Opportunities and challenges for sustainable hydropower in the European Union and in Europe
Emanuele Quaranta (EU Com, JRC)

11:20 Flexible hydropower ensures the security of electricity supply - Growing challenges due to accelerated climate targets and energy crisis
Martin Schletterer et al. (TIWAG/ Vorarlberger Illwerke AG, AT)

11:40 Sustainable sediment management for hydropower: Results of the CD-Laboratory "Sediment research and management"
Christoph Hauer (BOKU, AT)

12:00 Research priorities in hydropeaking
Daniel Hayes et al. (Hypeak network, BOKU, AT

12:20 Overview of U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office R&D to Advance Sustainable Hydropower
Dana N. McCoskey (U.S. Dept. of Energy)

12:40 Concluding remarks, possibly a surprice? and wrap up
Anders Iversen, (NEA, NO)
Jakob Granit (SWAM, SE)

Lunch box (to grab and go)
Bus departure for tour 3

Registration is required for this excursion.

  • Tour 3: Overnight excursion to Surna & Driva National Salmon Rivers (Ends at Trondheim S on Friday before 16:45 approx.)

Participants in tour 3 can grab a boxed lunch at Cafe Elektro before boarding the bus.

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Departure for tour 1a & tour 1b

Tours 1a and 1b are now joined an will be carried out as one tour.

Note: Registration is required for excursions/lab visits.

  • Tour #1a ends at 16:15, tour #1b ends after dinner at Lager 11. (dinner starts at 19:00)

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