Program Thursday

Program Thursday

Note! The program is still in a preliminary state. Changes may still occur.

Thursday 15. June

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(for newly arrived attendees)
Plenary 5: Evident based solutions for sustainable management of hydropower impacts

KEYNOTE: IEA Roadmap for best practise solutions for hydropower and fish
Ana Bustos (SINTEF)
Marcell Szabó-Mészáros (IEA Hydro)

Restoration of flood-maintained ecosystems
Birgitta Malm Renöfält (Umeå University)
Roland Jansson (Umeå University)

Using turbulent eddies to guide fish: The Fishpath Project
Ana T. Silva (NINA)

A critical review of best practice mitigation towards low ecological impacts from large hydropower in Europe and the US
Jo Halvard Halleraker et al. (NTNU, NEA)

Coffee break
Plenary 5 continued

KEYNOTE: Opportunities and challenges for sustainable hydropower in the European Union and in Europe
Emanuele Quaranta (EU Com, JRC)

Flexible hydropower ensures the security of electricity supply - Growing challenges due to accelerated climate targets and energy crisis
Gökler et al. (Vorarlberger Illwerke AG, AT)

Sustainable sediment management for hydropower: Results of the CD-Laboratory "Sediment research and management"
Christoph Hauer (BOKU, AT)

Research priorities in hydropeaking
Daniel Hayes et al. (Hypeak network, BOKU, AT

Overview of U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office R&D to Advance Sustainable Hydropower
Dana M. McCoskey (U.S. Dept. of Energy, DOE )

Concluding and wrap up
Anders Iversen, (NEA)
Jakob Granit (SWAM)

Bus departure tour 3

Registration is required for this excursion.

  • Tour 3: Overnight excursion to Surna & Driva National Salmon Rivers (Ends at Trondheim S on Friday at 14:00 approx.)

Participants in tour 3 can grab a boxed lunch at Cafe Elektro before boarding the bus.

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Departure for tour 1a & tour 1b

Note: Registration is required for excursions/lab visits.

  • Tour #1a: Excursion to hydroelectric labs at NTNU (Ends 16:15 approx.)
  • Tour #1b: Nidelva & Leirfossen (Ends at 20:00 approx. for those who join for dinner at own expence)

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