Presentations from SUSHP 2023


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Plenary 1: Emerging policies, regulations, and international sustainability standards

pdf Welcome
Anders Iversen
pdf Opening
Jakob Granit

Plenary 2: Lessons learned, regionalwise best practises and sustainable management of water

Plenaries 3 & 4: Good governance and long-term changes of the water resources systems

pdf Methods, indicators and solutions for sustainable hydropower
Atle Harby, Tor Haakon Bakken & Line Sundt-Hansen

Plenary 5: Evident based solutions for sustainable management of hydropower impacts

pdf Restoration of flood-maintained ecosystems
Birgitta Malm Renöfält & Roland Jansson
pdf Closing remarks
Jakob Granit
pdf Wrapping up
Anders Iversen

Parallel sessions

Session 1: Hydropeaking and sustainable flexibility from hydropower

Session 2: Connectivity, barrier and solutions

Session 3: International hydropower, sustainability and the use of LCA

Session 4: Hydropeaking, flexibility and impacts downstream HP outlets

Session 5: Connectivity, barriers, and integrated solutions

pdf Turbine Design for Fish Inclusion
Sterling Watson & Abe Schneider

Session 6: Reservoirs, their role in the future energy system and the effects of environmental contraints

pdf Green Lidar in Lakes
Raffa Ahmed et al.

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FME HydroCen
NTNU Team Hydropower
Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Norwegian Environmental Agency

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