Program Tuesday

Program Tuesday

Tuesday 13. June

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Opening plenary: Emerging policies, regulations, and international sustainability standards

Moderators: Dana McCoskey (US Dep of Energy) & Anders Iversen (NEA)

10:00 Welcome address, setting the scene - Striking the right balance between hydropower and ecology
Anders Iversen (NEA, NO)

10:15 Key challenges and opportunities addressed in Sweden
Jakob Granit (SWAM, SE)

10:30 The role of hydropower in the green transition
Martin C. Brittain & Kjetil Lund (NVE, NO)

10:45 The Role of Hydropower in Clean Energy Transition: A World Bank Perspective on Environmental and Social Standards (ESS)
Pravin Karki (World Bank)

11:00 KEYNOTE: Hydropower and EU policy on water management, biodiversity, and climate adaptation
Wouter van de Bund (EU JRC)

Coffee break
Opening plenary continued

11:50 Going forward, the only acceptable hydropower is sustainable hydropower – a bold statement, but can it be followed up with action?
Pablo Valverde (IHA)

12:05 EU Hydropower balances targets for climate and environment
Anne Bolle (Eurelectric/Statkraft)

12:20 Green for real? Have you asked the eel?
Åsa Renman et al. (The Norwegian Biodiversity Network, Sabima)

12:35 Panel discussion 1: – Dilemmas and solutions to ensure a climate and nature friendly hydropower production.
Moderators: Tor Simon Pedersen (Dep of Climate and Environment, NO) & Dana McCoskey (US Dep of Energy)

Plenary 2: Lessons learned, regionalwise best practises and sustainable management of water

Moderator: Jakob Granit (SWAM, SE) & Wouter van de Bund (EU JRC)

14:00 KEYNOTE: An Overview of Environmentally Sustainable Hydropower in the United States Viewed Through the Lens of EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities
Brenda Pracheil, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

14:30 Approaches for Sustainable Hydropower use in Austria.
Gisela Ofenböck (Federal Ministry, AT)
Franz Greimel (BOKU, AT)


14:55 Overview of mitigation measures implemented in France to reduce ecological impacts of hydropower
Veronique Gouraud (EDF, FR)

15:20 National plan for revision of hydropower in Sweden
Anders Skarstedt (SWAM, SE)

15:40 An overview of emerging management practise to reduce ecological impacts from hydropower in Norway
Oda Bjærke (NVE, NO)

Coffee break
Plenary 2 continued

16:20 Balancing increased capacity and flexibility with environmental values in a proposed redevelopment of an existing hydropower scheme
Marie Egerrup et al., Hydro Tasmania

16:40 KEYNOTE: Mitigation measures revisited – environmental effects, costs and endurance
Ulrich Pulg et al. (NORCE)

17:10 Panel discussion 2: How should the hydropower sector contribute best to solve both the energy-, nature- and climate crisis?
Moderators: Tor Simon Pedersen (Dep of Climate and Environment, NO) & Jakob Granit (SWAM, SE)

17:40 Speed presentations of posters
Moderator: Tor Haakon Bakken (NTNU, NO)
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Poster sessions and ice breaker
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End scientific program day 1
Conference dinner at Royal Garden Hotel
Aperitíf and three course menu (Registration required).

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Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
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