WiBEC Objectives

WiBEC Objectives

– VISION: A battery free, deeply implantable, high data rate communication technology for lifelong operation of selected medical devices.

WiBEC aims to provide a multi-national, multi-sectoral, and multi-disciplinary doctoral training network programme to produce 16 ESRs in both biomedical engineering and medicine with a focus on deep implantable, ultra-low power multi-sensor and actuator networks. Two specific applications in cardiology and gastroenterology have been selected to demonstrate the novel theories and prototypes developed in the project as proof-of-the-concept.


  • Novel RF technologies: to study design and development of 3D antennas (0.5-3.5cm3), ultra low power (0.1-0.25mW) in-body transmitter with a transmission range to skin around 40 cm, ultra low power signal processing for secure communications, and transmission strategies for in-body sensor networks.
  • Novel algorithms for automatic diagnostics: to study signal and image processing algorithms for automatic detection of anomalies and estimation of cardiac output from heart sensors.
  • Novel electronics: to study wireless power transfer with energy harvester to increase the operation time with ca. 50%, bio-compatible encapsulation, miniaturised embedded systems, and integration techniques.
  • Proof-of-the-concept by preclinical testing: to design and perform realistic computer simulations using digital human models, multilayer phantoms, protocols for in-vitro and in-vivo preclinical studies.

Training: to provide a personalised training program including local training in a PhD programme and transferable skills (such as entrepreneurship, project management, medical device approval procedure (FDA/CE), proposal for new medical device standards, writing funding applications) with the long term aim to produce scientific leadership foundation for ERC starting grants and/or industry leadership - Industry Fellow

Innovation: each ESR fellow aims to publish two journal papers (Nature Communications, IEEE Trans. Signal Proc., IEEE Trans. Wireless. Com, IEEE Trans Micro. Theory & Tech., IEEE Trans Ant. & Prop; European Heart, Circulation; Gastroenterology; Nature Review; GUT) and two conference papers (IEEE EMBC, IEEE ICC, IEEE ICASSP, BODYNETS, UEG Week; ESG Congress).

Industry: WiBEC aims to produce 2-3 patents on technologies for deep implantation and increased operational time with an exploitation plan.

Communication and Dissemination: aims to produce a white paper on in-body communication standards, 4 popular science publications (the Norwegian science forum “Forskning.no”, medical newspaper “Dagens Medisin”, EC’s FET conference, and presentations in the COST ACTION BM 1309).