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SAMCoT in the Media

Follow SAMCoT in the Media and see how the visit from Discovery Channel to SAMCoT's Ice crushing test has spread out!

Future tests are currently being discussed and the collaboration between SIMLab and SAMCot is strengthened!


NTNUs bilde.

Discovery Channel filming SAMCoT´s Research!

See the news on the visit from Discovery Channel Canada to NTNU to film ice research from SAMCoT at https://www.facebook.com/ivt.ntnu https://www.facebook.com/ntnu.no.

PhDs candidates Martin Storheim, Torodd Nord and Post Doc Ekaterina Kim were interviewed by producer Koula Bouloukos. The filming was done during tests made possible by the collaboration of SAMCoT and SIMLab.

Aslo NTNU´s University Newspaper published a piece related to Discovery Channel´s Activity (in Norwegian)


SAMCoT Newsletter 02-2014SAMCoT Newsletter 02/2014 (Feb. - May 2014)

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Research Areas

Data Collection and Process Modelling Material Modelling Fixed Structures in Ice
Floating Structures in Ice Ice Management and Design Philosophy Coastal Technology


The SAMCoT Impact

We asked our partners two questions:

  • Why is SAMCoT relevant to your company/organization?
  • How will the results from SAMCoT help your company/organization in the future?

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SAMCoT is two-fold with research supporting two innovation areas (IA):
IA 1 – Marine Technology for Arctic Offshore Field Development
IA 2 - Technology for Arctic Coastal Development


Research Excellence

Research Excellence

Annual Report 2013

SAMCoT Annual Report 2013