INTERNATIONAL Civil Engineering Erasmus Mundus 2yr MSc mobility programme

EMMC Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management - CoMEM

- Five top universities, Joint programme, Multiple degrees, Civil Engineering



We look forward to the arrival of our new students here in Trondheim. The Orientation Week for International students will start at NTNU on August 11th, 2014.


To our students that have now completed their first year we wish all an enjoying summer and all the best when continuing their studies for the fall semester at either

TU Delft                  City London             Southampton


For the final semester Autumn 2015 you will be at one of the above four universities or at UPC according to your Track choice:

UPC Barcelona 

              Next Opening for applications:

                    October 1st, 2014.

The Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management (CoMEM), is a two-year English taught international Master's programme. The programme is offered by a consortium of five recognised European universities: 1) The Norwegian Univerisity of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway 2) Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain 3) Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands 4) City University London, United Kingdom 5) University of Southampton, United Kingdom. During the programme, students study in two or three different countries depending on the individual track of study.

All participating universities have long-standing relations with the industry, public works administrations and research and education institutes. During the course students familiarise themselves with key issues involved in providing sustainable, environmentally friendly, legally and economically acceptable solutions to various problems in the CoMEM field.

Studying in different European countries will enable students to meet and work with professionals from various backgrounds and to gather knowledge on a wide range of issues involved; they will also get a comprehensive EU perspective on CoMEM related issues. This will help students to develop a coherent and integrated approach that is applicable to a more global perspective as well.

For information regarding ADMISSION, APPLICATION and ERASMUS MUNDUS STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS please refer to the information posted under MSc APPLICATIONS.

We welcome your application!

The first CoMEM group and some staff at NTNU (August 2007), Photo MvT.

The first CoMEM group and some staff at NTNU (August 2007), Photo MvT.


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