The Norwegian Network for Research and Education in Health Promotion


The Mission of the Norwegian Network for Research and Education in Health Promotion (NNREHP) is to strengthen research and education on health promotion at Norwegian higher education and research institutions, and in the society in general.

Public health and health promotion in Norway are highly complementary fields; the NNREHP intends to strengthen both.

The Network was founded in 2010 and it took on its current name, NNREHP, in November 2014. The NNREHP consists of institutions working with health promotion research and/or higher education, and collaborates closely with relevant national public stakeholders, organizations and other networks.

The NNREHP assembles twice a year for two-day meetings, hosted by different participating institutions.



The NNREHP aims to contribute to collaboration among its members with particular emphasis on:

  • Facilitating development of Norwegian research on health promotion
  • Discussing learning goals, structure, curriculum and quality criteria for study programs in health promotion and public health in higher education, and suggest common standards.
  • Providing a national community of Norwegian researchers to promote communication with Nordic, European and global health promotion networks
  • Commenting constructively on governmental and public strategy documents with relevance to health promotion and public health




Wed, 13 Dec 2017 10:15:11 +0100


Monica Lillefjell (Leader of the National Network)
Grete Grindal Patil (Deputy leader)
May Karin Dyrendahl (Secretariat)