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Reduction of energy consumption and emission of CO2 is a major challenge and responsibility for the European road construction industry. Today, there is a wide range of new materials and technologies being developed with a focus on energy efficiency. Road administrations play a major role in the advancement of new green technologies and materials, as they can favour the most sustainable solutions in their procurement criteria and procedures. In order to do this, they need to have at their disposal correct information, data, assessment tools and methodologies to decide which innovative technologies offer the most sustainable solutions.


Main aims for the project

  • Select appropriate sustainability criteria/rules
  • Collect available data on all sustainability aspects for new materials and technologies and "green bituminous mixtures", and synthesize it in a summary report;
  • Propose a refined, quick and qualitative classification system for the assessment of the recyclability of the "green asphalt" when it will have reached the end-of-life;
  • Select the best tools for the quantitative evaluation of sustainability;
  • Provide a methodology for assessing any emerging material or technology and to determine its overall sustainability, utilising these appropriate tools, considering also the durability of the bituminous mixtures.   
  • Demonstrate this methodology for a number of selected test cases.

This research is carried out as part of the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2013.




“If you run out of ideas, follow the
road; you'll get there”

- Edgar Allan Poe



Timetable for the project

Timetable for the project

 April 2014

Project kick-off meeting at TRA 2014, Paris

February  2015

WP 1 Completed         

October 2015

WP 2 Completed

April 2016

Presentation of project results at TRA 2016, Warsaw

June 2016

Presentation of project results at Eurasphalt Congress, Prague

October 2016

WP 3 Completed

November 2016

End of project (Final report submission)

10 November 2016

End of Program workshop at BRRC, Belgium

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