WP 1














WP1 “Review of energy efficient materials and technologies and classification system for recyclability” selected the new materials/technologies and the assessment criteria, summarized the information and data for the sustainability assessment of “green bituminous mixtures” in a report (Deliverable D1.1) and proposed a system for a quick, qualitative assessment of their recyclability at the end-of-life.

WP2 “Methodology for the assessment of sustainability” established rules, selected tools and proposed methodologies that can be used to provide an evidence base with which to make an informed in-depth sustainability assessment of new materials/technologies (Deliverables D2.1 and D2.2).

WP3 “Demonstration of the methodology to assess sustainability” consisted in the demonstration of the methodology with the calculation for some representative test cases. This demonstration also serves as a practical guideline and puts an emphasis on the key elements to be considered when applying the methodology to new materials/technologies (Deliverable D3.1).

WP4 “Dissemination activities”, the objectives of which were to disseminate the results to road administrations and other stakeholders. The communication with an Advisory Group ensured that the work done responded to the expectations of national road administrations.

WP5 “Management activities” managed the project, making sure that the work plan was respected and that deliverables were in time and of good quality.