Elkem AS is a world leading company in the production of environmentally friendly metals and materials. The company was founded in 1904 and today it is owned by China National Bluestar. The company’s 21 plants worldwide are mainly producing silicon- or carbon-based products. Of the 3600 employees, 1350 work in Norway, and approximately 10 per cent are involved in R&D. BSI in France runs the biggest R&D Centre with 250 employees, while Elkem Technology in Kristiansand employs close to 100.

Elkem wants to be among the leading producers of silicon-based products also in the future. This presupposes highly qualified employees / excellent education, adaptation of Vision 2050 and extended use of robots in the process line. SFI Metal Production comprises the building blocks for this development by educating new PhD candidates, focusing on fundamental process knowledge, circular economy, product diversity (refining technology) and integration of metallurgical industry in a modern society.

Many experts from Elkem have contributed to the establishment of SFI Metal Production through their involvement in the idea phase, committee meetings and the first year of project work. The Technology division and Elkem Silicon Materials division have represented Elkem in meetings and one furnace at the Bjølvefossen plant (Foundry division) was available for excavation studies. Specialists are also selected and available for participation in advisory-/work groups under each research domain.





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07 Jun 2021