The SINTEF group is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia with approximately 2100 employees. SINTEF delivers innovation by developing knowledge and technologies that are applied and brought into practical use, and contribute to value creation and increased competitiveness within the private and public sectors. SINTEF offers world-leading laboratories within a broad spectrum of technology areas. For the SFI Metal Production, we offer tests and R&D services together with NTNU along the whole value chain of metals production, spanning from pilot furnaces to TGA/DTA measurements.

SINTEF s major objectives in the SFI Metal Production are as follows:

  • Actively contribute to fulfil the vision of the Centre by deliver results in agreed activities and thereby build needed and relevant competence for future technological challenges.
  • Active participation in the management and governing of the Centre through the centre management (as centre leader), General Assembly and Board.
  • Actively use the SFI to prepare the ground for affiliated projects parallel to the SFI activities.

SINTEF resources in the Centre are mainly within metal production technologies; process metallurgy, electrochemistry, recycling, modelling and environmental issues, heat recovery concepts for particle laden gases. We have an important role both with respect to management of the centre (with the centre manager) and as researchers in the agreed focus areas.





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30 Sep 2021