The ERAMET group is the world’s second largest producer of manganese ore and manganese alloys, and the world’s leading producer of refined manganese alloys. The group focuses on mining and the metallurgical industry, and is a major global player in the following three business areas: special steel, manganese and nickel. Eramet Norway is part of ERAMET’s Manganese Division, with processing plants at Sauda, Kvinesdal and Porsgrunn, and an R&D group in Trondheim.

The objective for Eramet in SFI Metal Production is to secure future innovation and development for manganese production by supporting R&D activities within SFI. Innovation and results will be implemented in the industry in the fields of raw materials, recycling, reduced energy consumption and emissions

Eramet’s business area brought to this SFI is production of manganese alloys as well as competence in extractive metallurgy, CFD simulations and environmental performance in metallurgical industry.

Eramet is involved in three of the research domains and our main interests are to increase our competence in modelling and extractive metallurgy as well as sharing obtained results in the area of PAH monitoring.





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30 Sep 2021