Eramet Titanium & Iron (previous TiZir Titanium & Iron) is located almost at the end of the Hardangerfjord on the west coast of Norway. The ilmenite upgrading facility has been producing titanium dioxide slag and high purity pig iron (HPPI) since 1986. Owners are Eramet (French) and MDL (Australian) and it is the only such facility in Europe and only one of five in the world.

Eratmet Titaium & Iron focus is on understanding the challenges from new raw materials introduced at the smelter. Specifically we will seek to improve the overall energy efficiency, as well as climate footprint from the production process. In addition, we will seek to improve the knowledge of slag morphology and phase relations to improve product quality and yields. Our business area within SFI Metal Production is Ilmenite smelting.

The expertise brought to SFI Metal Production is the competence of the R&D department, which consists of three PhDs and two MSc with background from metallurgy, mathematics and automation, and all members will closely follow the work in the centre, participate in workshops, projects committees, as co- supervisor for PhD and M.Sc. projects, etc. The laboratory is also contributing with analysis of samples.





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30 Sep 2021