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Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation

Center for Research-based Innovation (SFI)

Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation

The Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation (NorwAI) is the largest academic initiative on AI innovation in Norway. Hosted at NTNU in Trondheim, the center coordinates research and innovation activities among three universities, two research institutes and 11 companies. With its long and impressive history of research on Big Data and AI and its experience with commercializing these technologies, NTNU is well positioned to lead this center of research-based innovation (SFI). Some of the largest and technologically most ambitious companies and research institutes in Norway have joined the consortium and promise to turn the center into a real powerhouse for AI-driven industrial innovation.

Internationally, NorwAI will do its best to consolidate and strengthen the Scandinavian applied AI communities. We believe that a closer collaboration among Scandinavian parties will be beneficial to us all and help us accelerate the use of sustainable and trustworthy AI across our industries.

After five years in preparation, NorwAI started its operations on 1 October 2020. We are looking forward to some very exciting years with groundbreaking AI research and innovative AI-driven solutions that will change Norwegian industry for ever.

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A guide to Norwegian Large Language Models (NorLLM)

A guide to Norwegian Large Language Models (NorLLM)

NorwAI has since 2021 worked to develop large language models based on Norwegian data. NorwAI has built four test models that are steppingstones to build a super large Norwegian foundation model. 

In 2024, NorwAI’s language modeling efforts will diverge into two distinct tracks. There is a need to train a Norwegian generative model that is sufficiently large to support the Norwegian language at the same level as English and other major languages supported by international models. Simultaneously, there is a demand for smaller models that can be easily optimized for specific use cases and controlled locally using proprietary data and custom adaptations. 
The smaller models will be launched in Oslo on May 15th. 

What have NorwAI learned from its work on language models? The path for NorLLM is described in our new section:  key learning, lessons learned, observations, on privacy, hurtful examples, and other articles in our guide to NorLLM. 

Yes, we can! Chairperson of NorwAI, Sven Størmer Thaulow, minister of higher education Oddmund Hoel and Jon Atle Gulla, director of NorwAI share views in a government visit at NTNU.
Professor Jon Atle Gulla of NorwAI will present the next generation of  NorLLM models in Oslo.


Visit our webpages in English and Norwegian, dedicated to NorLLM:

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