Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation

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Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation

Årsrapport 2020
NorwAI Annual Report for 2020

Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation (NorwAI) is a new research center on AI and Big Data. The goal of the center is to develop cutting-edge theories, methods and technology for efficient, effective and responsible exploitation of data-driven AI in innovative industrial solutions.

Today, AI has impact on almost all aspects of our society. Data-driven AI, where systems learn and gradually improve by analyzing large amounts of data, has led to dramatic improvements in, for example, language processing and image analysis, while enabling completely new products for personalization, decision support and automation. For this reason,  the notions of trustworthiness and sustainability are central to NorwAI. With this in mind, the main goal of the center is

To accelerate the innovation of sustainable and trustworthy artificial
intelligence solutions across Norwegian industries

Trustworthy AI requires technology improvements like explainability and transparency, as well as a better understanding of societal and regulatory effects and needs of AI. While striving to achieve its main research and innovation goals, the senter aims at aligning and evaluating its activities with respect to UN’s sustainability goals. 

NorwAI is hosted by the Department of Computer Science, NTNU. 

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