How to speak so that people will listen?

How to speak so that people will listen?

Magic presentation technique with Antje Bomann-Larsen

How to speak so that people will listen? A three-hour course on how to speak in front of people and cameras. The short course will focus on:

  • Efficient preparations and how to get them done
  • The words that captivate us – and the once that are hard to comprehend
  • How to avoid losing your audience to cat videos when talking on Zoom and Teams

Antje Bomann-Larsen has spoken in front of groups all her adult life. Among others, she has worked for the Akershus Museums, the Holocaust Center and Norwegian People’s Aid. She has a master's degree in the History of Ideas and has studied in Lithuania, Germany, and Denmark. Today she makes a living from giving talks on how to give talks and is a guest lecturer at the University of Oslo.

Here is an example: Tips about holding a good conference paper presentation

She will hold a short course in Trondheim, MTS22, Fred kavli Building, Campus Øya, NTNU 
Monday 9th May at 10:00-14:00 (including lunch)

We have 15 free spots.
NRSGH local network at NTNU use the "first come-first served prinsipp" on the registration. This short workshop is also open for all the members of our Researcsh School.

Registration (closed)

If you need to apply for travel grant to come to Trondheim, please contact coordinator Elin Yli Dvergsdal if you have any question.

Contact persons:

Contact persons:

NRSGH Coordinator: Elin Yli Dvergsdal

Local network NTNU: Namrata Pradhan