PhD-Conference 2023

PhD Conference in Global Health, 24 - 27 April 2023

Our PhD-Conference location; Reine Rorbuer at Reine in Lofoten, Norway



- Global Health Research: from evidence to implementation 

The 7th national annual PhD conference will take place at Reine Rorbuer in Lofoten, 24 - 27 April 2023. Hopefully we will get good scientific discussions and gain some presentation skills and new friends. We hope to see many NRSGH members at Reine Rorbuer this year :-) This is a unique opportunity to meet other colleges and to learn about Norwegian history of rural coast communities.


About the conference

The annual PhD conference is NRSGHs main national event. This is the perfect arena to meet and listen to other students doing research in global health topics, to discuss relevant topic and broaden your network in a friendly atmosphere, this year in Lofoten at Reine Rorbuer on the coast of Norway outside Bodø. The program will include lectures by invited speakers, group work, discussions, social activities, and sightseeing. Accommodation and all meals are included. There is no conference fee. 



Contact NRSGH Coordinator if you have questions.


Some highlights for the program

Morning activites - Yoga, Swim, running :-)

Day 1 - Topic for the day: Impelementation Research 

Introduction to Implementation Sciences "What do you need to know"

Scale up, readiness, community-academia partnership, Public private partnership, economic evaluation and case studies are some of the topic which will be dicussed. There will be presentation of PhD-project with Implementation research, theoretical discussions, groupwork. 


Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar
Norwegian Institute of Public Health 
Flemming Konradsen
University of Copenhagen
Anna Bergstrøm
Karolinska Institutet

Day 2 - Parallel session: 

Choose between four parallel:

1. Scientific Communication by Johanne Sundby, UiO

2. Grant writing by Flemming Konradsen, UCPH and NovaNordisk.

3. Publishing in high impact journals by Jon Øyvind Odland, NTNU and Editor in IJERPH

4. Writing thesis or Kappa and life after PhD by Thorkild Tylleskär, UiB 

Social activites:
There will be a boat trip in Reinefjorden with guide to Vindstad, walking around on Bunes beach being told stories about the hard life on the Norwegian coast in the old days. Some may also use the possibility for hiking up the mountain, Reinebringen :-) (3 hours)

Quiz, culture exchange and networking!!


It is mandatory for the participants at the PhD-conference to register your abstract. This abstract can be similar to what you already have submitted to another conference. All submitted abstracts will be printed in a book that is handed out at the start of the conference. The correctly completed form will help us generate the book with similar layout for all abstracts. Please, remember to also attach a profile picture of you.


Deadline: 14 March 2023. 

Photo competition :-)

Winner of the Photo competition at the PhD-Conference 2022; Muhammad Asaduzzaman - UiO, Hanne Ochieng Lichtwarck - UiO and  Jacqueline Ndlovu - UCPH

We invite PhD candidates affiliated with the Norwegian Research School in Global Health to submit up to three photos that exemplify “life of a PhD student in global health” or capture a key global health challenge, solution or research question central to the PhD research undertaken by the individual PhD candidate.

For each submitted image, a brief text (up to 100 words) should be included to capture the context represented by the photo. A panel will select two photos to be featured on the home page of the NRSGH to represent some of the important areas of research covered by research school. The two best photos will be awarded with respectively 1500 and 1000 NOK.

See the call document  

Deadline: 13 March 2023

Practical information:

Torghatten Nord: Ferry from Bodø to Moskenes

You should book you own ticket from you hometown to Bodø Monday 24th April and return ticket from Bodø Thursday 27th April. NRSGH will pre-order the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes.

The ferry leaves from Bodø ferry terminal at 16.45 on Monday. You need to be there 45 min before. So no later the 16.00. It takes about 10-15 min with taxi and 40 min to walk from Bodø Airport to the ferry terminal. On Thursday you will arrive at Bodø ferry terminal at 10.15. It will take some time to reach the airport and check-in. 

Make sure you book your planetickets accordingly to the ferry schedual. 

Suggestions for travel from your home city 

The travelcost for your travel will be covered by NRSGH, see more information below about reimbursement.

Travel expenses

NRSGH travel grant are limited to 3000 NOK for the roundtrip, including public transportation to/from the airport. Please book your ticket to/from Bodø as soon as possible, there are limited low-pize tickets. Please contact NRSGH coordinator if you need NRSGH to prebook the tickets directly for you. See more information about reimbursement.

Grant - travel from abroad

7th March - THERE ARE NO MORE TRAVEL GRANTS FROM ABROAD - The PhD Conference is fully booked and all the limited grants have been distributed.

If you are staying abroad and want to join the PhD-conference, you need to apply for an International Training Grant. This grant has a limited amount pr grant pr student: 10 000 Nok. This is for travel to/from Norway and short stay before/after the Conference. The conference is paid by NRSGH and free for all members. Please, contact NRSGH coordinator if you have any questions.

Remember to stay updated by the Norwegian Governments traveling advice coming to Norway. 

The Organizing Committee

The Conference Committee consists of PhD students from most of the partner Universities participating in the Norwegian Research School of Global Health. In addition, the NRSGH coordinator are supporting the Conference committee


Nora Braathu, UiB


Muneera Rasheed, UiB


Turid A. Wæhler, UiT


Muhammad Asaduzzaman, UiO


Elena Nechaeva, NTNU


Refilwe Precious Jeremiah, UiB


Elin Yli Dvergsdal,

Please contact the members of the committee if you have suggestions for the program or questions of practical matters.