Continuing education - with a specialisation in logistics management

Continuing education - with a specialisation in logistics management

As a part of NTNU's continuing education a Master of Management with a specialisation in Logistics and purchasing management is offered. It is an offer for people with professional experience wishing extension within logistics.

The spesialisation involves 4 courses:

  • Production management and Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Production
  • Management of supplier relations and networks
  • Strategic purchasing and supply management

The aim of the programme is to educate the candidates in mapping, analysation and modelling of areas of interest in the supply chain to efficiently control the physical flow of goods through purchasing, production, storage, distribution and sales. The focus is on value creation in the interaction between companies in the supply chain. The topics of the programme include production management, inventory management and distribution planning, integrated with modern logistical ideas around processes of supply chains from an economocial, organisational and technical angle.

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NB! The master programme is only given in Norwegian.