SMARTLOG's vision is to provide Norwegian industry extensive international competence about production logistics and supply chain management.

By providing companies memberships SMARTLOG has disseminated results and knowledge to Norwegian indsutry and trade since 2002. The SMARTLOG seminars have typically 30-150 participants, where approximately 80% are from industry and the rest are from academia. There is still room for more companies with the desire to be in the lead of research on logistics!

Researchers and PhD-candidates of SMARTLOG has since the beginning cooperated with industry to reach SMARTLOG's objective:

Increase Norwegian industry's competitive advantage through developing and disseminating knowledge and competence of logistics in dynamic supply chains.

The dynamic is related to both changes in flow of goods through a supply chain, and changes in the composition and structure of the supply chain. The research involves among other:

  • Structure and structural changes in supply chains
  • Design of supply chains
  • Control of supply chains



SMARTLOG aims at creating competence through disseminating the results to the industry. With a SMARTLOG membership companies in the Norwegian industry can be a part of this national competence network within logistics, and be provided opportunities to establish contacts and develop their own networks. In addition, the members are invited to provide suggestions for topics of current interest that can be highlighted through research activities and seminars.



Dissemination of research results and competence building is provided to the SMARTLOG members through this webpage, e-mails, seminars, conferences and workshops related to SMARTLOG's activities.

SMARTLOG organises three seminars about topics of current interest within logistics yearly. External speakers, both from national and international research communities and industries, are invited. After the seminars the presentations are made available for download on this webpage.

Examples of earlier SMARTLOG-events with indsutry participants are:

  • Seminar: Experience from adjustment processes in leading companies (with a focus on logistics, strategy and the organisation).
  • Scientific seminar: economical management of supply chains.
  • Seminar: Decision support in industrial supply chains - Does optimisation tools give optimal utilisation?
  • Workshop: Value Stream Mapping
  • Seminar: High labour costs and exchange rates: "Should I stay or should I go?", about flagging-out  of industry.


SMARTLOG's history

SMARTLOG is a research collaboration between Norwegian industry and the research institutes MARINTEK, SINTEF and NTNU that was founded in 2002. SMARTLOG is a part of a logistical unit consisting of experts from SINTEF Technology and Society, MARINTEK, and 2 faculties and 5 departments at NTNU. The team generates industry and trade oriented research and can admit to research and development assignments within a wide range of topics, and with multidisciplinary solutions.


The founding partners of SMARTLOG