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Production Management

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The research group for Production Management is the leading research group in that field in Norway and works on a high international level. Around 25 employees research, develop and educate at ph.d and master level. The group focuses on theory, models, systems and solutions to improve production and logistics within the industrial value chain.

Research is done in close cooperation with industrial and international networks. The research group for Production Management is involved in various projects mostly in cooperation with firms in engineering, production, wholesale and trading. The projects are set within a variety of industries, including shipbuilding, offshore, commodity and food production. Read more about the projects on the website of SMARTLOG, a network established by the research group to spread research results and practice to the Norwegian industry.

SMARTLOG aims to supply Norwegian industry with high international competency regarding production logistics and supply chain management (SCM).

Production Management courses


In their third year of study, students from the Study Programme Mechanical Engineering and the Study Programme ICT can choose Production Management as their specialization. The research group also runs the two-year master programme in Global Manufacturing Management which educates in the fields of industrial engineering, production, logistics and technology management.

The following courses are taught by members of the research group: 

Bachelor and Master
TPK4100 Operation Management Jan Ola Strandhagen
TPK4131 Industrial Logistics Systems Design Fabio Sgarbossa
TPK4135 Manufacturing Logistics Jan Ola Strandhagen
TPK4160 Supply Chain Management Marco Semini
TPK4161 Supply Chain Analytics Jørn Vatn
TPK4165 ERP and PLM Systems Erlend Alfnes
TPK4180 Manufacturing Strategy Erlend Alfnes
TPK4430 Specialization course: Production Management and Logistics Jan Ola Strandhagen


PK8202 Analysis and Modelling for Sustainable Manufacturing and Logistics Jan Ola Strandhagen
PK8206 Planning and Control in Industrial Supply Chains Erlend Alfnes


PK6028 Production and Supply Chain Management Jan Ola Strandhagen*
PK6023 Lean Production Erlend Alfnes*

*Belongs to the experience-based master study program Organisasjon og Ledelse (in Norwegian only)

Research activity


Head of Research Group

Fabio Sgarbossa
Professor of Industrial Logistics

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