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Research at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering conducts research in several fields, including mechanical engineering, materials, production and processing processes, product development and integrity, robotics and automation, project management, logistics, and maintenance and risk management. The department's main focus is on sustainable innovation and the practical application of research results, where the research addresses, among other things, the manufacturing industry, the technology sector, the renewable industry, as well as selected areas of the energy sector, including the oil and gas industry. The department participates in a number of international and national research projects, and research centers, where activities range from large national programs to individual doctoral theses. The department’s research activity ensures that the Norwegian business and public administration have access to knowledge at a high international level for increased value creation and sustainable solutions that solve today's and tomorrow's societal challenges.

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Focus areas: Design, analysis and manufacturing of technical products and product systems. The group consists of four subgroups: Product Development and Innovation; Materials Design and Compliance; Virtual Modelling of Knowledge-based Engineering; and Production Processes.       

Reliability, availability, maintenance and safety

Focus areas: Risk analyses, maintenance analyses, technical management and target-oriented management.


Focus areas: Composites and polymers, corrosion characteristics, fracture mechanics and fatigue, nanomechanical modelling and testing, tribology and surface technology.

Robotics and Automation

Focus areas: Design of automatic manufacturing systems, CNC, additive manufacturing, robotics, offshore automation, mechatronics and measuring technology.

Project and Quality Management

Focus areas: Initiation, planning, implementation, project management.

Production Management

Focus areas: Management, planning and management of manufacturing and logistics processes.

Industrial Research School in Complex Systems

Industrial Research School in Complex Systems

The newly established Industrial Research School in Complex Systems aims to connect PhDs to industrial cases within the context of complexity in engineered systems. The partnership involves the academic partners NTNU, USN and University of Agder as well as nine industry partners and clusters.

Membership of the school gives opportunities with regards to courses, industry cases, travels and accommodation related to industry stays and visits and network.  

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Research Centers and Projects

at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (in Norwegan)


Head of Department

Torgeir Welo
Head of Department



Arve Skorstad
Senior Engineer



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