Faculty of Engineering

Doctoral Programme

PhD studies at the Faculty of Engineering are closely linked with our research initiatives and departments. The doctoral education programme combines academics with methodological schooling and hands on experience.

The typical length for the PhD programme is three years and is comprised of one semester of additional study and 2.5 years of dissertation work and research. Each doctoral candidate's study is typically financed by a research fellowship. PhD fellowships are published at: https://www.ntnu.edu/vacancies

The doctoral programme at NTNU is comprised of both course work and a research component. The university typically allows 3 years for the completion of a PhD, but the position can be extended to 4 years in connection with a 25% work requirement, which is often fulfilled through teaching.

Coordination and assistance

The doctoral programme at the Faculty of Engineering is closely linked with our research groups and departments, and is a key component in the overall research strategy. The programme of study is coordinated at the department level, and doctoral thesis topics will normally be related to research and development projects at a department or associated research groups. As such, the department level is the place to seek help finding a supervisor within a particular discipline, and can also assist with general inquiries prior to submitting an application.


There is no common application deadline. As each doctoral candidate's study is typically financed by a research fellowship, the first step is to check for available fellowship positions in your field. A master's degree or similar qualifications are a prerequisite for application.