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NTNU University Library subject pages and blogs

Find useful advice and resources regarding databases, literature search, projects and software on the library’s subject pages and blogs.


Archaeology, History, Museum Studies, Digital Humanities.

Architecture, Design, Art, Construction Techniques and Environmental Engineering

Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, Facilities Management, Fine Arts Communication.

Art and Media Studies

Art, Film, Theatre and Media.

ARK4 Digital Heritage Library Project

The project explores digital games to convey cultural history.

Historical Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies

European Studies, History, Classical Studies, Military Science, Applied Ethics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Legal Science, European Studies, History, Classical Studies, Military Science.

Language and Literature

General and Comparative Literature, Language and Linguistics, English-, Scandinavian, Romance-, German Languages and Literatures.

Local History and Genealogy

Local History, Genealogy, Regional History.

Medicine and Health

Medicine, Health Science, Nursing, Evidence Based Medicine, Sports and Human Movement Science, Child Psychiatry.


Dance Studies, Jazz, Church Music, Music Pedagogy, Music Technology, Musicology, Music, Performance Studies.


Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics.

Social Sciences

African Studies, Geography, Pedagogy, Education, Psychology, Economics, Social Anthropology, Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Social Work, Sociology, Political Science, Health Science.

Special collections blog

This blog conveys content from the NTNU University Library Special Collection.


Computer and Information Science, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Energy and Environment, Geology, Marine Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Technology, Petroleum Engineering.

Economics and Management

Economics, Administration and Management, Economics, Industrial Economics, Finance, Accounting and Auditing.

21 Dec 2020