borrow - borrowing rules for externals

Borrowing from the library - for external users

The NTNU University Library is a public library, which means that anyone can borrow from our collections. The loan period is usually four weeks. Loans are free of charge for all users of the library.

Services such as copying an article or ordering books from other libraries are also free of charge for private users, students and employees at NTNU and for partners of the NTNU University Library, while external companies and institutions are charged a fee.

Information about borrowing for students and employees at NTNU and partners such as St. Olavs Hospital

How do you register for borrowing?

To borrow from the library you need to be registered either through this online form or visit one of the campus libraries. Bring valid ID and your address of residence when collecting your library card.

What can you borrow from the library?

Most of the books in the library’s physical collections can be borrowed. Printed journals and newspapers can usually only be used in the library. E-journals and e-books are available on computers in the library.

Literature search

Rules and conditions for borrowing from the library

How do you borrow from the library?

To borrow from our libraries you have to be registered for borrowing.

In Oria, you can search through both printed and digital collections from more than a hundred academic and research libraries in Norway. Choose the tab “Universitetsbiblioteket” if you want to search our collections. In order to access e-journals and e-books, you need to be connected to the IP-address of the institution.

  • When you’ve found what you were looking for, you can see which library has the document under the tab ‘Plasseringer’ and pick it up yourself.

  • To check out documents from our libraries, please use the check-out machine. If there are no check-out machines in the library, please contact the staff.

  • You can also order loans or copies from the library. You may have to pay for this service.

Renew loan

The loan period is normally 4 weeks. There may be restrictions due to material type or library unit. A loan can be renewed if there is no reservation on it. For external borrowers maximum loan period is 90 days.

Loans can be renewed, as long as no one else has reserved the document. You have to log on to Oria and go to "My Account".

There can be several reasons why you can not renew yourself. In such cases, please contact your local library.

How do you return borrowed documents?

You can return borrowed documents to any of NTNU’s libraries. Use return unit where it is available or place documents in the return box by the library entrance.


Contact your local library