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Group room number 613

Group rooms and study spaces

We have many kinds of workspaces spread around the library.  Individual workspaces are available, and you can book a group room. Students and staff can reserve a room via Innsida

PCs, Macs and wireless network

The library has both PCs and Macs available for NTNU students and staff, as well as facilities for both scanning and printing. 

You can connect to NTNU’s wireless network, Eduroam, in the library. Guests can use the network ntnuguest.


The library has a printer in room 614. The printer can also be used for scanning and copying. If you use a Mac you do not need to log in, but you must enter your user name and password to get a printout.

24 Jun 2019

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Fine Art Library

Innherredsvn. 7A, (
Phone: 73 59 79 19


NB! The library is closed.


Summer opening hours

22 June–31 July: Closed

03–07 August
Monday–Friday 09:00–15:00

Need help during this period?
Please contact


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