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The Medicine and Health Library has a wide selection of printed and digital resources in medicine, nursing, clinical health science, human movement science, child psychiatry and other disciplines. 

Visit the library’s Subject page for medicine and health for an overview of digital resources, including journals, databases, anatomy resources, video lectures, and more. 

Collections in the library

Printed books, journals and newspapers are available in the physical library premises, as well as a small collection of DVDs and board games. Printed newspapers, comics and journals are located next to the seating area by the entrance on Floor 2.

Book collections

The book collections are on Floor 3, using Dewey (Øst) and NLM (Sør) classification. DVDs and fiction can be found in the east wing (Øst). Shelf map with overview of the collections on Floor 3 (in Norwegian).

Anatomy resources

On Floor 2 you will find skeletons, anatomical models and anatomical atlases, available for on-site use only. You may also explore our digital anatomy atlas on a large touchscreen.

Graphic medicine

Interested in comics and graphic novels? Visit our collection of 'Graphic medicine' on Floor 2, next to the entrance.


See also our lending regulations.

31 Jul 2020

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Medicine and Health Library

Opening hours

10.–17. August
Monday–Friday 08:30–15:00 

From 17. august
Monday–Sunday 07:00–23:00 (with St.Olavs-access card) 

Staff present
Monday–Thursday 09:00–18:00
Friday 09:00–15:00 

E-mail: post@bmh.ntnu.no

Phone: +47 73 59 53 00

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