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The Dora Library is a shared repository for the entire NTNU University Library and stores the oldest technical literature, print journals and newspapers, pictures and private archives. It has a large collection of architect diploma work and architectural survey drawings (the ANTON survey database). The collection also includes examination questions from 1910-1999 from NTNU's predecessor NTH, the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

Photo of private archives in boxes shelved in the repository


Archive material can be ordered via Arkivportalen the Archives Portal, in Norwegian, in Oria, in our shared reading room or through direct enquiry.

Read more about the private archives and the archives of technological history at the NTNU University Library on the website for our special collections.


Historical photo of five men


The library has been collecting photographs since the year 1900 and the collections now consist of an estimated 1 million pictures dating from the 1840s to the present. For more information about the collection of photographs at the NTNU University Library, see the website on our special collections.

Visit the library’s historical photo blog for a glimpse of our rich collection, or search our photo collection from Gunnerus.no or Trondheimsbilder.no - a shared database of historical photographs from Trondheim.


Photo of tablet computer and newspapers

Newspapers, books and journals

The Dora Library has a large collection of print newspapers available for reading in our reading room. On our premises, we also offer access to digital services such as the ATEKST news archive, the National Library’s digitized newspapers and international newspapers via Library Press Display.

Books can be borrowed. You can read print journals in our reading room, and order copies. Loans and copies from other libraries can be ordered in Oria.

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The Dora Library

The Archive Center, Maskinistgt. 1
Phone: +47 73 59 00 80 / +47 91 89 78 68
E-mail: dorabib@ub.ntnu.no
E-mail photographs: bilder@ub.ntnu.no
E-mail historical archives: privatarkiv@ub.ntnu.no

Postal address: S P Andersensvei 11, 7031 Trondheim

Opening hours

Wednesday and Thursday: 09.00-15.00

Other days: visit by appointment


Follow the library on social media:

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