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The NTNU University Library has been collecting photographs since the year 1899 and the collections now consist of an estimated 1 million photographs dated from the 1840s to the present.

About 100,000 of these are digitally available through our image search, and the number is increasing. We're working particularly hard with making material related to NTNUs history, disciplines and research available.

Worth noting is our collection of unique and old photographs.

Most of our photos are from Trondheim and the centre part of Norway, but there are some older photographs from other parts of Norway. Also available are archives from professional photographers in Trondheim, advertising photographs, press photographs, amateur photographs, donations from individuals and societies, aerial photographs, the Nidaros Cathedral, portraits, interior and exterior photographs of homes, schools and workplaces. We don't have many pictures from other countries, but there are some.

We would be delighted to receive further information about the photographs by email or via the comment section in Gunnerus.com. Do visit our Special collections blog for photographs and stories from the special collections at the NTNU University Library.

A view of what is today's NTNU campus at Gløshaugen, and Trondheim