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Study spaces

We have many study spaces in the library. You can work alone, do group work or just relax with a journal or newspaper on the couch.


In «Finanssonen» [the Financial Corner] in the library, 2 PCs have been set aside for searching in financial databases.

You can search and download data from the databases EIKON, WRDS (w / CRSP, Compustat, CCM, Audit Analytics) and ORBIS.

Read more about the databases here:

You can reserve time for use here:

Need help with the financial databases? 
Please contact The Economics and Management Library for more information.

PCs and wireless network

The library has several computers available for students and employees at NTNU. We also have a guest computer. You can connect to NTNU’s wireless network, Eduroam, in the library. Guests use the network ‘ntnuguest’.

In «Finanssonen» [the Financial Corner] in the library, you can find two computers where you can access Eikon, Compustat, CRSP and other financial databases.


You can find a guest printer in the corner outside the library. This is a colour printer that also can be used as a scanner and copier.

Information for students and employees about printing at NTNU

25 Aug 2022

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Economics and Management Library

Klæbuveien 72, Trondheim
Phone: +47 73 55 99 55
Postal address: S P Andersensvei 11, 7031 Trondheim


Opening hours

Monday–Sunday: 06:00–24:00 (with NTNU access card)

Library staff present:
Monday–Thursday: 1​​​​0:00–18:00
Friday: 1​​​​0:00–15:00

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