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Group rooms and study spaces

Gjøvik Library is on the 2nd floor (US) / 1st floor (UK) in G-bygget, above the cantina and the Student Centre. The library has 6 group rooms. You can find individual work stations and group work stations in the library and in M-bygget, where you also can find a quiet reading hall. More group rooms can be found by the atrium in A-bygget, passage from the library via M-bygget. Some of the group rooms have large tv-screens, others have a whiteboard. Whiteboard markers can be bought from the book shop. Students and employees can reserve rooms via TP.

Orakel Support Services (IT)

Student assistants from Orakel Support Services are available in the library on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The student assistants can help patrons with questions about printing, login, Web access, and more.

Orakel Support Services can also be contacted via the self-service portal NTNU Hjelp or by phone 73 59 15 00.

Computers and wireless network

There are five computers in the library, in addition to three search terminals (NB: cannot be used for printing). You do not need username and password for the search terminals. For the computers you use your regular username and password. Guests must contact IT to get their logon details. There is a computer lab in the library (G223). This is free to use when it not being used for teaching.


You can use Eduroam or the unsecured network to connect to the wireless network in the library. How to connect to the wireless network



The copiers can be found in a separate room in the library. The copiers can also be used as printers and scanners. To print, log on to a computer or use your own laptop, and use one of the library’s printers [”Pullprint”/safecom2]. Swipe your student card on any printer on campus and get your print. Need help to install and set up a printer? Windows, OSX, Linux.

12 Mar 2020

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Gjøvik Library

Teknologiveien 22
Phone: +47 61 13 52 00


NB! The library is closed.


The library staff is on holiday from July 13 to August 2. If you need help during that period, please contact the university library support:


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