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The Gunnerus Library is one of the most important cultural heritage libraries in the Nordic countries. Large collections of Norwegian, Nordic and European fiction and non-fiction works dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries are kept in storage.

Several types of older literature must be used in the reading room for Special Collections on the 3rd floor at the Gunnerus Library. This rule applies to books published before 1850 and literature types such as private archives, manuscripts, rare books, theatre material and much more. Visits must be arranged in advance.

Our lending regulations

Older literature

Literature published before 1920 can only be used in Gunnerus Library reading halls.


Older pamphlets with less than 20 pages (labelled <Korttid>) can in many cases only be used in the Gunnerus Library reading hall (or be photocopied).


Unbound journal volumes can only be used in the Gunnerus Library reading hall, magazines can in some cases be borrowed short term.

Text books

Text books for primary and lower secondary school and upper secondary school are only available for primary users at NTNU (and HiST). Text books for the driving test for motor vehicles, text books for the boatman’s test and text books for the hunting license test cannot be borrowed.

Also see NTNU University Library's lending regulations and the University Library’s Special Collections.

Our collections

Archeology books

Archaeology and local history

Books and journals on archaeology are on the 1st floor. On the same floor, you can also find all Norwegian bygdebøker (local history books) and other books on local and genealogical history.

Journals can be borrowed for 2 weeks, except for the most recent year’s issues, which are not available for loan. Other literature can be borrowed for 4 weeks.


Reading room study space

Literature in the reading room

The reading room contains a large collection of reference literature in history and legal history, as well as dictionaries and biographies. All bygdebøker (local history books) for Trøndelag are collected in the reading room.


Book shelf

Closed-stack collections

‘Closed stack’ refers to collections that are kept in storage. If you would like to read material from these collections, you need to order it in advance.

Journals, yearbooks and books on general biology, botany and zoology as well as a great deal of legal deposit literature are also kept in storage. Search for what you need, and submit your order through Oria, by email, by phoning (+47) 73 59 22 05 or by asking at the service desk.

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The Gunnerus Library

Kalvskinnsgt. 1B
Phone: +47 735 92 205 / +47 91 89 74 62
E-mail: gunnbib@ub.ntnu.no

Opening hours 

As of Wednesday 16 February 2022, the ground floor will open

Monday–Friday: 09:00–15:00

NB: The Library will be closed due to renovations Friday 1 April 13:00 until Monday 4 April
NB: The 2nd floor and the reading room are unfortunately closed due to rehabilitation and lack of ventilation

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