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Maps and accessibility

Map of the study hall
Map of the mathematics section
Map of the journal reading hall

Access to the Technology Library for wheel chairs

Wheelchairs can use the elevator in the West wing or the East wing in the Main building. The lifts have ground floor access. You don't an access card or key to access the elevators.
East wing: Access through the East wing is recommended. Use the lift to get to the first floor. Follow the corridor to the staff entrance [personalinngang] THB (room 150A). Open during regular working hours. If you need assistance, use the buzzer.
West wing: Use the lift to get to the first floor. Follow the corridor to the journal reading hall (room 178). The staff will help you unlock the door, please contact us via phone, you can find contact info to the right.
If you need to visit other sections of the library you must use the lift between the 3rd floor (US) / the 4th floor (UK).
To access the study hall, the mathematics section and the depository, you need to use the lift between the study hall and depository no. 2. Please contact the staff to do this.

27 Aug 2015

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Technology Library

Høgskoleringen 1, Gløshaugen
Phone: 73 59 51 00
E-mail: tekhb@ub.ntnu.no

Opening hours

Monday–Thursday: 08:30–20:00
Friday: 08:30–18:00
Saturday: Closed


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